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Stephen Mejias
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1000(!) Registered Users

In a little under five months, we've grown to 1000 registered users. That's awesome. Congratulations, "dar," on being the lucky number 1000, and thanks to all of you who participate daily, helping to make this such a wonderful place for exchanging ideas, offering opinions, and sharing the passion and love for music and the hobby.

Right on.

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Re: 1000(!) Registered Users

I was thinking we might hit that number last night since we had a ton of unregistered guests browsing the forum. Which brings me to something else....

Hey, you! Yeah, You! Why lurk when you can jump in and keep the joint jumping? What's on your mind? Gotta weird tweak you wanna share with us? How 'bout a really stupid question (please, it would make me feel so much better knowing that I don't have the market cornered in stupid questions) that somebody just might have a really stupid answer for?

Heard any good music lately? You don't really, really believe wire makes any difference now do you? How about gear? Heard any really good components that you want to tell us about? What made you take notice of High-End reproduction? What was the first serious system you listened to?

Come on, loosen up and jump in. Buddha might make you laugh at yourself, but we can all stand a little laughing at our own expense now can't we?

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Re: 1000(!) Registered Users

Congrats on 1000 users, seems like the site is here to stay

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Re: 1000(!) Registered Users

Yes -congrats - I sure hope it is!

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Re: 1000(!) Registered Users

Oops !

I forgot to login.

The above post is mine.

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