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10 year Upgrade fever?

Ten years ago...
Sonic Frontiers Power 2 power amplifier
Robert J. Reina, May, 1997
...and I bought this great amp, upgraded the tubes to KT88 two years ago and still very, very happy but...
Yes the upgrade anxiety has struck again!
So I was drooling as I looked at the McIntosh MC275, after having replaced my old C-22 Commemorative pre-amp with their latest C2200!

But I do have my doubts, MC275 vs. Power2 is that really a worthy upgrade?


Jan Vigne
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Re: 10 year Upgrade fever?

I would say so. What sort of improvements are you expecting? I would guess, not having heard the SF in years, the Mac would have a larger, more precise soundstage and better timing. Obviously the tubes will make a large difference but even with stock tubes the Mac should have better silence and a more effortless sound. I still don't know many folks who don't drool on themself when they listen through the 275.

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Re: 10 year Upgrade fever?

If you want to drool, then plop 30k on a Lamm ML2.1 and be done with upgrades for as long as you live. I've yet to hear anything better tube wise. To me, it's a single ended tube amp done right.

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