Audio-Ultra showcases CH Precision and Magico

If you wanted to hear an admirably smooth, solid, all-of-one-piece system with a huge soundstage and extremely fast and firm bass, Ed DeVito's Audio-Ultra exhibit was one of the best to visit. It was also the only room where you could hear CH Precision gear with the latest upgrades and the diminutive Magico A1 standmount loudspeakers ($9400/pair in silver finish).

The A1 includes a full braced 6061 T6 grade aluminum enclosure, a 1.1" beryllium-dome tweeter and a 6.5" mid-bass driver with a nanographene cone. Frequency range is specified as 35Hz–50kHz, sensitivity 84dB, and impedance 4 ohms.

Ed DeVito, the diminutive Magico, and an Aurender N20 server ($12,500) did full justice to CH Precision's D1.5 HD ($43,000) with optional CH Link ($2000), C1.2 DAC ($36,000), L1 line stage ($34,500), A1.5 450Wpc amplifier in stereo mode ($39,500), and X1 dual power supply ($20,500). Major credit is also due AudioQuest Dragon, Thunderbird, Hurricane, and WEL signature cabling, a StromTank Quantum MKII battery power regenerator ($27,500), which powered fthe ront-end components, Critical Mass Ultra Q racks, Sound Anchor A1 speaker stands, Stillpoints Aperture panels, and three small SOtM components: the sNH-10G with CLK-EX switch ($1910), sPS-500 power supply ($920), and sCLK-OCX10 master clock ($3620). (More on SOtM in a blog to follow.)

As for the music, we focused on a 16/44.1 file of Barb Jungr's "Trouble in Mind."

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good good sound in this room. So often I see these posts and think, totally missed that room, how could that be. Not this one.

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YES! In the room! Garth gave a great 20-minute seminar on the finer points of foundational power considerations, wherein he used past-editor Michael Fremer's house remodeling story/experience in Stereophile.

Garth was animated and fun, and both Edward and Garth really hit home on the finer points of what a dealer can bring to the table beyond the stereo system and to the home's electrical power grid. I still couldn't figure out how the Stromtank was there and not a Niagra 5000. He had great things to say about the unit nonetheless.

Most telling was his experiment of removing only the AQ Dragon power cable from the entire system and nothing else. He brought out a stock AC cable from a plastic bag and inserted at the amp end and the results from the exact same recording (John Hiatt) were startling! The entire soundstage's form, air, scale and width shrunk like loose balloon. The highs went from open to verging on muffled. NOT subtle.

I thought the Magico A1's sounded utterly amazing. Their realistic scaling with correct depth of field perspective and absolute naturalistic frequency response was simply beguiling.

My only disappointment was not seeing JVS at AXPONA this year... and there was a SHTROMTONK! Sigh... lol.

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And next year, we shall meet if you email me first so we can set up a time.

Yes, SHTROMTONK. Say it with pride! Either that, or throw it over Niagara Falls. If you can lift it, that is.


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Power cables don't affect sound quality, so it sounds like the placebo effect to me. Doing a blind test where he switched between the power cables without anyone realizing it would have been better. I bet you would have never known the difference.

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A $10,000 power cable will not make your speaker system sound better than a $50 cable will. I hope this helps.

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A $10,000 power cable will not make your speaker system sound better than a $50 cable will. I hope this helps.

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You are disingenuous and dishonest, Idiocracy. Given your consistently insufficient language and explanation, you are not an audiophile, nor do you have the experience to argue any point here.

From your trolling posts over several years, it's also clear you do not intend to 'help' either.

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Everyone heard it, even old guys with attitudes... lol.

Until you do or don't experience it for yourself, you do NOT have an opinion, just conjecture.

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Defend your positions as hard as you like, but there's no need for insults.

Best Wishes,

Jim Austin, Editor

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Apologies. Edited my comments above for civility.

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He whom some would call an old guy with attitude.

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and sorry to have you suffer my contempt indirectly. That wasn't my intention. Thank you for your kind input. And to Jim for taking a gentle hand to this indiscretion as well.