Luxman Brings New Analog and Digital Machines to AXPONA

At AXPONA 2023, Luxman America's Jeff Sigmund and John Pravel brought serious sonic finery from Luxman Japan with the same gracious, enthusiastic, generous manner they've extended for years.

Luxman Corporation has deep roots in the Japanese audio industry, beginning in 1925, the dawn of radio broadcasting. It's traversed decades of audio history, experiencing its trends and overseeing its innovations, a legacy brand whose name typically equals excellence.

Assured of their success and devotion to audio brilliance, the Luxman house look remains unchanged, its brushed aluminum facades, cherry wood siding, and understated controls included in the new Luxman D-07X SACD player ($9995, above), with MQA and USB hi-rez and DSD support: 32-bit/746kHz PCM and 22.58MHz DSD.

Also new, the Luxman PD-191A turntable ($12,495. above) replaces the flagship PD-171. A complete redesign, it's a belt-drive system that uses a brushless DC motor to maintain accurate platter rotation and includes a knife-edge bearing within its 10" tonearm system.

Also in this large-scale setup, which included significant room treatment by Sigmund, the Luxman LMC-5 MC cartridge ($2695, which I reviewed in August 2022), Luxman E-250 Reference Phono solid-state equalizer ($2395), forthcoming Luxman NT-07 Streamer ($TBD), Luxman C-900u control preamplifier ($15,995), and Luxman M-10X stereo power amplifier ($19,995), configured as a pair of monoblocks. A pair of Magico S5 MKII loudspeakers ($45,400/pair) and a Magico QSub15 ($22,000) covered the room in sound. The new flagship Melco S1-S38 Digital Music Library ($11,999), AudioQuest Niagara conditioner and cables, and HRS stands completed setup.

From left to right: John Pravel, VP of Sales, Luxman America, Inc.; Masakazu Nagatsuma, Director, Research & Development Dept., Luxman Corp.; Tatsuya Sueyoshi, President, Luxman Corp.; Izumi Saito, Chief, Overseas Sales Dept., Luxman Corp.; Jeff Sigmund, President, Luxman America, Inc.

In a forthcoming Stereophile review I share a deep dive into Japanese culture and its Jazz Kissas, which gave me greater respect for this art loving nation. I was humbled to meet Luxman Corporation principals at AXPONA, including Masakazu Nagatsuma, Director, Research & Development Dept; Tatsuya Sueyoshi, President; and Izumi Saito, Chief, Overseas Sales Dept.

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is a fantastic ambassador of the brand. He took care of me as a Luxman customer. I am forever grateful.

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I so love that turntable, pity its price is out of my reach. I’d put an SME M2-9r and be happy for forever. Ken Micallef!!! If you have the honor of reviewing it, please invite me over. LOL!

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I have been hoping that my favorite brand would bring out a streamer to complete my system and it looks like it’s happened. Can’t wait to hear it. The turntable looks rather lovely too. Not sure I want to trade my SME 20/12 but it sure would look the part in a complete Luxman rig with my M900u, C900u and D10x. And I second the comment about the guys at Luxman. John and Jeff are so knowledgeable and dedicated to the brand and have been great to work with. I’ve been a Luxman fan and user for over 50 years and these new products continue to excite and inspire.