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the cassette the disc and the compact disc !!

I'll introduce myself quickly Giovanni !! having read a "speech" written on the CD, cassette and disc, I want to reply to these gentlemen hoping that it will be read !!

In short; the compact disc is the best that philips has fielded, well pleased that most of the recordings on compact discs are made by means of professional reel tapes, so you have the quality of the tape and the reproduction of the compact disc !!

The cassette reproduces within its limits what a tape does as the reel does, with different quality, but we are still talking about a support that should not be underestimated, regardless of the frequency response, dynamics etc ... the cassette is still a support that could be translated into the CD then played back digitally with sampling at regular time intervals, thus reconstructing the waveform with evident improvements in artifact !!

the disc with its RIAA equalization has to lose at the start and then recover it in its mechanical function for the reconstruction of the sound recorded in it, a simple recording / detection method, which impresses for its sonic simplicity, that is, devoid of any artifact which could improve this sound, therefore to be considered an archaic method with a sonic perspective placed in the middle of what is a good cassette, it being understood that this is detected by the human ear as an improvement of the bass and treble, which "sparkle" due to traction mechanics on the micro grooves, therefore to be considered an exclusive means to reproduce music through mechanical oscillations and analog transduction, which integrates, sound dirt derived from the type of traction and in any case integration of noises, including those recorded which obviously appear faithful to the ear but in reality are of free sounds, that is uncontrolled sounds translated by two reels and detected by a cantilever that actually extracts everything from the disc!

Summary; if it is true that the compact disc reproduces what is recorded on it, it is also true that it does not affect the sound in the slightest, returning it as the master recorded it on it !! So the CD has no magnetic heads or cantilevers and coils, but it is a laser light beam in nanometers !! So, the sound of the reel to reel is a sound that is transduced by a magnetic head, so in order to reproduce the sounds it has to rub on a surface and this is a kind of added noise hissing etc ... even if the dolby to honor of truth does an excellent task in this case, but still the type of operation! The cassette practically identical to the reel !! The disc is archaic, as it must extract the music in an archaic way, that is through a diamond point that slides on a vinyl surface, but it does not do it in a linear way, therefore it follows the micro grooves and defects of the disc, a type of traction of the disc. turntable etc ... etc ... So the reproduction not affected by the drag mechanism is not a trivial matter !!

I have a beautiful audio system, complete with both tube and transistor final sections, obviously the compact disc is special in its reproduction and to confirm this I did a test; I listened to an original master from the original reel, then dumped on compact disc, clearly the original tape felt better than the CD, normal, the choice in the recording phase was that of the tape !! I then instead got a cd with digital sounds and a song created on purpose with a digital piano then recorded on compact disc, then the same song from the same piano recorded on tape, the compact disc outclassed the tape !! I'm sorry but the compact disc is a digital machine that has no rivals, all the rest of the musical liquid is to be discharged into the sewer !! Thanks again!! Regardless of my knowledge in electronics, an archaic object cannot be compared to the technology that Philips itself rightly praises !! I myself have cassettes, records and CDs, but this does not mean that suddenly an archaic acchina like the turntable, especially if with belt drive, outclasses a numerical turntable like the compact disc !! NOT EVEN IN DREAMS !! Guys, please let's be realistic, I like memories, I love the smells of nature even my scuregge, but you know that a stench is not a perfume !! yet I like my darks !! This is what makes us understand that we humans sometimes do not want to split reality, only for reasons of ethnic narcissism! Thanks again, chinuque questions what I wrote, is stupidly denigrating the intelligence of others !! HELLO!! Good things I don't know if I can answer you I'm too busy !!


I wrote this because I read some diatribe in your forum, so I decided to reply, even if I do not know if I am in time, however I wrote sensibly and technically in a real way leaving aside my preferences or any impressions !!

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I am pretty confident CD

I am pretty confident CD playback is not nearly as perfect as you make it out to be. Problems with data retrieval include scattered background laser light, wobbly and fluttering of the CD, vibration from transport mechanism and perhaps acoustic vibration, and seismic type structural vibration. It’s impossible for the nanoscale laser beam to stay focused on the nanoscale data spiral. The CD wobbles and flutters because the disc in not (rpt not) perfectly round and because the disc is usually not spinning perfectly level. The laser servo feedback mechanism can’t keep up, nor can Mssrs Reed and Solomon.

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