Off the Well-Trod Path

(Prices are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise indicated.)

Olga Oreshyna is an artist who makes, as she calls it, "non-traditional art." She begins by collecting old wood, “with scratches, cracks, knots, and other imperfections that are similar to real life." She carves it into pieces, dries it, colors it with acrylic paint or stain, and “fits [it] to a specifically designated position” among other wood pieces to create a mosaic sculpture.

One day, a friend of Olga’s pointed out that her sculptures could double as acoustic panels, and that’s how her acoustic-panel business started. Prices for these unique, hand-crafted art piece—in which Olga “strives to capture balance, rhythm, and soul”—start at $900, with a typical lead time of 3–4 weeks. You can view Olga’s work at and reach her at

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This kind of thing, these people are the "Frank Schroders" of room mods. (Cool materials, new thinking, etc...meant as a compliment.)

I love the idea...

Etsy has a veritable menagerie of these sorts of cool room treatments.

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I would , and suspect that buyers of your recommendations could also , appreciate a good room treatment article , with perhaps a $20 per panel/corner limit , this stuff adds up .
Having managed hospital imaging departments I could hardly keep from noticing that a $10 foam block suddenly is a $1000 "positioning device" , if you're looking for a break , I'm sure there are many willing to sell it as a room treatment for only $500 .