Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Déjà vu Sweepstakes!

Register to win one of two Rhino Déjà vu 50th Anniversary Deluxe D2C Vinyl Editions (value $250.00 each), or a limited edition 16"x20" Henry Diltz photo signed by all four members of CSNY (value: $1,500/priceless) we are giving away.

According to Rhino:
This version is only available for purchase on the official CSNY store and Rhino Store, and features the remastered original album and four additional LPs of demos, outtakes, early versions, and alternate versions of songs recorded during the Déjà vu sessions.


Presented as a 5 LP set in a beautiful box with a 12 x 12 softcover book, the collection comes illustrated with rarely seen photos from the era and annotated by writer/filmmaker Cameron Crowe, whose revealing liner notes recount the making of the album through stories told by the people who were there, including David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash, and Neil Young.

Déjà vu was the most-anticipated new album in America in 1970. More than 50 years later, it's one of the most famous albums in rock history with legendary songs, including “Carry On” and “Teach Your Children,” that still resonate today.

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Signed Original Photo
Also offered is a 1969 group photo by Henry Diltz in California as seen in the Special Edition "Déjà vu" 50th Anniversary Reissue. Signed by the photographer and is #9 in an edition of 10.


The 16"x20" photo itself sells for $1,500, but what makes this a priceless edition is that it was signed in 2021 for our readers by all four members of CSNY: David Crosby, Stephen Stills, Graham Nash and Neil Young.


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Click here for more info about Henry Diltz.

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Great prize from a great band, photographer, and magazine, fingers crossed.

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Lovely prize, much appreciated in Our House's picture

Not only a fan but have had the pleasure of meeting CSN a few times and enjoyed several private concerts from them at a company i worked with back in the day. Awesome!

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Nice prizes!

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Thanks for the contest.

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I deserve it!

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I'm in!

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Bravo to whoever made this happen.

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Thanks for the chance to win

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Hoping I win...

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One more Deja Vu should be enough for me !

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Carry On

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Don't know what happened to it

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My original still reeks of burnt rope.

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Thank you

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Thanks for the chance!

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Would love to win this!

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to the list

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My favorite c s n & y album

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I can do that .

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great album

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Count me in
Carry On

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Carry On all

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Definitely one of the all-time great albums!

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Excited to hear the new CSN&Y vinyl release. Great contest!

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Pick Me!

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My stylus is ready for some new grooves!

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I woke up and new I had won

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Yes please

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I know it’s not the same, but when I was a kid we had a cassette tape of CSN’s “Daylight Again” album that was played regularly on car trips. I think my dad still has Deja Vu on vinyl, but hasn’t had a turntable in a long time. Hoping to get him a Project Debut Carbon sometime soon.

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This last edition/pressing is amazing. Even better than my 1976 Japan pressing.

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Awesome prizes

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Wow, I would love to win this… pick me!

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… and I knew you were gone …

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Me, too!

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This is an awesome opportunity! My 16 yo son loves CSNY along with me. We've been collecting old vinyl of many of the bands from this legendary time. Thanks for giving us a chance to win these great works.

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Great prize and feeling lucky!

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Maybe one day folks from faraway lands will also be eligible to enter - Heck I would even be happy to pay the postage myself!

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CSNY has got to be the GOAT of rock music!!

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Not quite as clever as the next guy, but a fan nonetheless. Good luck to all.

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Probably won't win, cause I never do, but this is a very cool sweepstakes. I prefer the 5lp set but would love either.

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I’d love to own and hear this reissue in my system or groove on the Diltz photo!

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My turn to win?? :-D

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I know I've been enjoying the heck out of the Deja Vu Alternates LP that was released for the recent Record Store Day. Some really good stuff.

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Time Flies

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simply a Five Stars and "with LODE" album...

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After 50 years. The definition of a classic.

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...there's a chance?

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Hope to win this!

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so that I may teach my children.

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love it

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Read about this release in a few places - would love to have it

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Ter-eat your subscribers well!

There fathers hell, did slowly go by.

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sign me up!

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Saying "me me me" might be selfish, but at least it's not profane.

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...copies of this, their greatest effort. I would be honored.

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Yes Please!

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Is worth leaving a comment for - WC Fields

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Count me in please.

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Chicken Dinner

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Would love to hear this set!

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nice set, thanks!

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I like this one!

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Fingers crossed.

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I never have won one of these, may this time I'll be lucky.

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I guess if I have to receive one the world's great albums and a picture then OK I'll take it. Sigh.

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Great music from a great group of musicians----that holds up extremely well even after many years.

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Just unearthed an original Neil Young LP from college days and was thrilled to hear the voices of that day with messages still resonating today. Would love to own this collection!

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I would love to win!!

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I hope I win!

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CSN&Y- best work

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Very cool giveaway

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Great album

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I legitimately don’t think I’ve ever won a contest before!

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Thank you very much for the chance to enter!

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Really cool.

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And mahalo for a wonderful prize.

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thanks for a great giveaway!

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Thank you!

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Aiko and Chester.
Found the original well preserved in my record collection. Never forgot the feeling of holding this great album in my hands. True Déjà vu!

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This is basically the soundtrack of my life!

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How does it sound?

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Thanks for doing this!

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Great idea, I’ll welcome the vinyl in Europe and will handle with care..

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Amazing. If I won I'd have to give it to my mom because she's the reason why I love their music so much.

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Thank you Stereophile for another spectacular contest. I'm in!

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This album came out when I was in college. My roommate bought the record; I taped it. Of course the tape is long gone, as is the player.

Serves me right, I suppose.

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Deja Vu was my favorite lp to listen to back in high school!

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Thanks for the chance.

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This is a really nice prize package

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I would love to own this!

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Music doesn't get better than this! This vintage is my vintage. Saw them in concert, and their talent is amazing! I would cherish this set... and the photo!

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Returning to Deja Vu - so nice to see a special reissue, and great to be back, again.

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Thanks for a chance to win.

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Have three others, why not one more?

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all love CSN&Y

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And I'd love even more now.

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In it to win it

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Next time, perhaps a contest? Have people write a short essay about their setup, best one wins...

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...not profane or spam.

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One of the truly influential albums of our youth.

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Love it!

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Cool. I would happily re-connect my old turntable to my system if I win.

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Good luck!

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Hook me up

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I want it

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Would love to win the CSNY Deja Vu box set and that lovely photo and pass onto my kids. Here´s hoping.

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Count me in!

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I bought the original album when it came out but it's, unfortunately, a bad pressing. This would be just what the doctor and the record cleaning machine ordered!

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Thanks and hope to win!

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Where I’m no fun any more without a new csny box set!

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to try

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Good luck to all

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but obviously for Americans only. That's a Pitty :-) At least for the rest of the world: so I won't be picked for sure ;-)

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What a nice price.

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Wouldn't mind winning!!

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Thanks for the opportunity! Will the fact of being French will bring any luck on my turntable?
I have been already lucky enough to have seen Crosby Still and Nash when i was in Paris in the 2000's, so this would be an awesome history deja vu repeating.

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But then I didn’t. I spun some records instead.

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Would love this

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What a great band for all of time. I would love to read the booklet inside too.

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Would love to win

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My dads most favourite band;D

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I still have an original LP from the first release It was a great album then and it is a great album now!

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Winning this would be great. Thanks.

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My all-time favorite album!

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...for the opportunity to win this cool prize!

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Somebody is thinking about nice items at Stereophile!

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Deja Vu indeed...

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Love to love to have this record set!

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This looks very cool. I’ve loved their music for many, many years

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"Teach Your Children" has perhaps more meaning today than it did in 1970.

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Count me in.

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I grew up listening to Crosby stills Nash & Young hearing more about them brings back great memories.

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Already have the remastered box set but this is a super box set. Can't have too many.