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Newbie - receiver upgrade under $1500 w/Monitor Audio RS6 Silver?

Hi everyone,

I am a newbie and want to get into the world of hi quality / hi def music on a budget :-). I have Monitor Audio RS6 Silver floor speakers, a Klipsch Subwoofer, and a Marantz SR-5006 receiver. I also have the RS6 front center channel and back surround speakers, but no current plans to connect them as I am more interested in better music from streaming or physical media rather than connecting to a TV etc. (unless it is recommended to still use the surround speakers? Some of the sites seemed to suggest that strict music may be better with only the fronts and sub? again, newbie here).

Sooooo.... The first question is, for music quality, should I replace the sr-5006 AV receiver with a stereo receiver to get better quality sound out of the RS6 speakers? If so, any recommendations under $1500?

If the stereo receiver isn't needed, then any recommendations on what hardware to use to connect to the sr-5006 to be able to stream hi def music?

Thank you for any help and opinions, even if it is links to good sources for me to read. The amount of info and options out there is overwhelming!

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So before you try to overhaul your system…can I ask what settings you have your Marantz set up on? Also, in the last few years I’ve learned that you can make a lot of meaningful changes to sound quality by speaker placement, upgrading cables and upgrading interconnects.

There are also dedicated streamers and other formats like Qoubuz and Tidal that are far superior to Apple Music. I know bc I was guilty of the Apple TV/Apple Music combo at first!

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I have Monitor Audio Silver

I have Monitor Audio Silver S6 speakers which are very good. I use a Rega Mira3 integrated amp. Put my system aside if you like the Marantz/MA sound the logical choice is a Marantz PM7000N network integrated amp for streaming. If you want greater detail but a thinner sounding amp Cambridge Audio has very good integrated amps and stereo receivers to satisfy you.

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