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Complete noob to speakers, where do I start?

I picked up a pair of beyerdynamic DT 770s a few months ago and now I'd like to get some speakers too. The thing is that I know next to nothing about speakers and really don't know where to start. These would just be for music streaming and movies and I'd like to plug them directly into my PC. If anyone could give me some pointers regarding what speakers I should consider and more generally what exactly to look for that'd be great. I want to spend around 450 USD and below. Thanks.

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Trust your ears! They know most everything you need to know about speakers. Do some reading & research, read some reviews to narrow down the options and, then, schedule some critical listening auditions under controlled conditions (i.e. with equipment as similar to yours in sound rooms as similar to yours as possible). Your ears will tell you the rest. What sounds best to you will be the best. One pearl of wisdom I got from Kal Rubinson that I think makes a world of sense is this: Listen more for what a speaker(s) does wrong, as opposed to what it does right because "wrong" will always be wrong, whether in the audition sound room or under your roof. Also, keep in mind that speakers will sound different under your roof because of the inherent acoustical differences. Additionally, if they are new they will likely require some break-in time to sound their best.

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Audition, Audition, Audition!!!!

But if you want a fab recomendation for desktop computer speakers..... Audioengine A5+!!! you can always add a sub later
Let us know how you go.

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@Actual, are you looking for

@Actual, are you looking for desktop speakers, or something bigger? Some of the latter can't be driven by a PC's limited output power.

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