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Need Some Advice

I am setting up a new system and need some advice. I have an Onkyo
TX-NR906 AV 7.1 receiver that is about 200 watts rms. I really don't use this receiver for what it was designed for(Movies). I like listening to two channnel modern jazz and rock music. I also have a pair of Polk Audio Lsim 707 tower speakers. I have always dreamed of owning a Mcintosh amp, and am considering using the Onkyo as a pre-amp and buying a Mcintosh for the power amp. Does this make sense? I love the warm rich sound of the Macintosh, but I don't know if using the Onkyo AV receiver as a pre-amp makes sense. Please give me your thoughts. Thanks! Robert

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Hey we all have dreams right! You’re name is awesome so I’ll say it like this…

That’s the equivalent of dropping a 383 Stroker Crate engine in a 1999 Saturn. Oh yeah it will be a big difference but the true potential won’t be able to be reached. The speakers look quite nice though! The Onkyo as the preamp will work…but once you get the Mac power amp…something tells me the itch for another preamp will start within a week!

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Great advice

Dorsia777 hit the nail on the head with the advice. Look to upgrade both, or settle for lesser audio quality while enjoying the creature comforts of the Yamaha.

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