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Is DSD 100% SACD-lossless?

Hey there! I'm quite a newbie as much as sound engineering goes, and since this is a fairly stupid question I've found no direct answer anywhere. I'm 99% sure of this, but just to leave no space to uncertainty I'll ask anyway.

Is DSD (.dsf, .dff) completely lossess going from a SACD, like various PCM formats (.wav, .flac, .wv, .ape, .alac...) are for regular audio CDs?

I've ripped my SACDs with sacd-extract on my Arch Linux PC to Sony DSF files and I just want to be sure playing those files on my computer will be the same as playing the disc, i.e. those are bit-to-bit what's written on the disc as far as the musical tracks go.

Thanks you for your patience!

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Yes. (If you are not using

Yes. (If you are not using the up-to-date conversion processes, there may be inter-track issues but the track data is unaffected.)

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