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Advise on new amp

Senior guy who’s selling his vintage amps to buy a new amp

Keeping my Warfedale E70 speakers
Cambridge Audio CD
Technics turntable
Looking for high end used headphones

New amp requirements:
Quality sound : listening room is small: music only, lower volume jazz
Must be able to connect turntable and up to three other RCA analog; at least two
Able to stream or Bluetooth etc
Remote control

Considering: Audio Lab 6000A, Cambridge Audio, Outlaw RR 2160 MkII, Schitt Ragnarok
Budget was $1000 but is the Schiit worth the extra $700? I like the modular upgrades

In Montana so not likely to test any equipment before buying but I’m easy to please so any of these will be a real treat for me!
Thoughts on a $1000 amp? Any I listed a mistake?

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Schiit recommended! I have

Schiit recommended! I have been into high end audio for fifty years and have a very high end system (all ARC Reference components and Sonus Fabre Amati speakers) and a high end headphone system. I always laughed at the name and declared I would never have anything to do with a company with that name. I have been helping a friend get into audio and as a part of that process researched DACs and concluded there was no question the Schiit components were performing at twice or more the competition. In the process I bought a Gungnir (multibit) and he bought a Yiggy. I also bought their headphone amp. I just have to say the stuff is a screaming deal. I hate the name... but the equipment is great. Yes, the Ragnarok is going to be worth it. Given the hours one will spend, a bit of a stretch will bring many pleasurable hours of use. They have a ten day... I think it was return policy. Turn it on when you get it so you can sample it after a continuous week running

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Great information!

I was willing to make the more expensive purchase IF I had some “first hand” information. As a novice in audiophile and new equipment I really appreciate your advice, especially since it’s based on actual usage of the equipment.
I would read up on the Outlaw and think I’ll go that route. Then, read about the Audio Lab and maybe go that route. They all look good but it’s all so “ theoretical. Appreciate hearing from a “ practitioner “. Specs are helpful but you can’t hear specs!

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I like all your choices.

I recently went down the same route...ended up with the Audiolab 6000a (and CDT). I can vouch for it. Excellent quality and sounds fantastic. Plus Bluetooth is a nice little addition. I spin mostly vinyl and didn't need anything too heavy duty, this fit the bill. I've heard nothing but excellent things about Schiit. Isn't the Ragnarok just the power amp? Meaning, you'd also have to buy a preamp as well, kind of blowing up the $1000 budget?

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I can personally vouch for...

The Outlaw. It has a great vintage feel with the ability to easily play to todays equipment and connectivity.

My father has one and we were very impressed after it broke in. Recommended. It’s hard to find another dedicated 2 channel receiver under a grand that is ( underrated ) 110wpc with 2 sub inputs, A&B speakers and has a built in phono pre-amp.

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You are right here. I also like his all choices. I will definitely buy a new one for me. LOL!

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