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A good budget friendly amp

Hello everyone. New to this forum but not necessarily new to HiFi audio. I was wondering if I could get some guidance on a good budget friendly amp (max $1500 but I know this is different for everyone) that will pair well with my newly acquired McIntosh MA 6100 Integrated. I’m putting together a vintage stereo setup that currently consists of the Mac and double stacked large Advents (8 ohm speakers) that I would like to run in series. Would consider running parallel but that really depends on the amp that is recommended. Thanks in advance for your input.


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Suggestion for Jimmy

I'm pretty sure I have a Mac 6100 down in the crawl space (its much surpassed), but an Emotiva A-300 ($399) will outshine the Mac. The Mac is retired. I mostly listen to the Emotiva.

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Im partial to Cambridge Audio

Im partial to Cambridge Audio, but I saw vintage McIntosh stuff at my local HiFi shop in the $1500 range.
As a rule I run from common Best Buy brands like Denon, etc. Ive realized that marketing of big box brands works and it really pays to pour over reviews and do your homework.

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Double stacked speakers...

Double stacked speakers... now that is something I have never heard of or seen. You know that speakers are designed so that the tweeters fire at ear level to integrate correctly and stacking them is going to create odd sound interactions. Most folks opt for higher quality speakers when they upgrade. A grand could go a long way to upgrading your speakers, especially trading in the others.

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