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Surround speaker suggestions

I just picked up a set of Mirage OM7’s with a mirage omc2 center channel. Looking for a set of surround speakers I can pick up used for around 200. Any suggestions would be appreciated. My room is 25 x 25 with cathedral ceilings Engulfed in glass. Can only mount surrounds really high. Like 10’ high. The matching surrounds are the mirage omr2s. Should I just put those on speaker stands or mount really high. Speakers look a little shallow for speaker stands. I could be wrong. Or could get different surround speakers. Thank you for your guys help in advance

Kal Rubinson
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I'd suggest something else as

I'd suggest something else as the OM-R2 may not work for you (or anyone anymore). It is a tiny pseudo-bipolar speaker intended for wall mounting. The use of true bipoles/dipoles for surround is no longer recommended in favor of direct radiators and the single 6.5" driver (plus 2 tweeters) will probably not have enough output for your room. I would suggest you look larger 2-way direct radiator speaker from Polk, Monitor Audio, KEF, etc. for stand/wall mounting or, even better, floorstanding, if you have the space.

Also, you probably need a subwoofer because the 8" woofer in each OM7 is not going to give you much in the way of bass for a room that size.

(The acoustics of your space is another story but there's not much one can do about that.)

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