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Sudden Popping/Crackling Noises

I have no idea what I did wrong, since I just turned the system on and after 3 songs,it went berserk.

(FYI: this is really important to my hubby and I'm trying to get some advice)

We have at home the following equipment:
In the center:

- Technics record player
- reloop record player
- Continental Edison amp A9802
- Continental Edison preamp P9801
- 2 speakers

Two weeks ago, we have added and old CD player to the mix: Tokai CD player

Cd player is ON the amp and they are both ON the preamp. The record players are on the left and right.

And everything was working just fine.

Tonight I turned on the system and put a record on. And as I said, everything was fine for about 10 minutes and then there was a sudden very loud CRACK noise, after which the less loud crackling noises started with hissing and I could barely hear the music. The volume was incredibly low even when I turned it up.

The crackling sounds appear as soon as I turn the system on and regardless of the device that is playing the music, that crackling persists and the music is barely audible.

I guess I should start by disconnecting the cables and cleaning them.
But I wonder if the CD that is on the top of the amplifier might have disturbed the system somehow.

Also, the corner the system is situated in has one outer wall that tends to have some condensation, not much mind you, but some.

We also have a lot of dust, since we live close to the river.

And last but not least, we have a cat that is not so much interested in this, but I have seen a few times that amp and preamp have been moved a bit.

I would love to help my husband fix this.

Thank you so much!

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Not all is lost

I’ve had stuff like this happen to various systems. The only way is to do the basics. Check all chords/ wires are connected. Make sure each device turns on then off. Then one by one try to play a different component or device. If that’s still not working then disconnect all wires connected to the components as well as the amp including the speakers.

Then you start w the amp.

Power it off and unplug it,

Then start from the beginning. Plug the amp and power on. Add speaker wires correctly to the amp and make sure they match on the speakers.

Add a component. Plug it in and play. If there’s noise then disconnect that component and reconnect a different one.

Keep trying this, the goal is to find out what is the cause. And if everything you connect properly still is making noise...even if you connected new speakers. Then the answer is your amp. Also, dust, dander and moisture are really not ideal for electronics but I know you know that’s not rocket science.

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