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Keith Goodall
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Rega Plana 3 or 6?

Dear Community,

Time to upgrade my turntable and wanted your opinion on the Plana 3 and Plana 6. I would really like to go for the 6 but wonder if my system is adequate enough so that I could hear the benefits.

I am using the Denon PMA-600NE integrated amp and the Elac 2.0 DB62-BK speakers.

Possibly could go for the Plana 3 and spend the remaining cash elsewhere in my system?

Any ideas would be most welcome.

Old Audiophile
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You are contemplating the purchase of either an approximately $1,2000.00 or $2,000.00 (US) TT (with bundled MM cart) for a $450.00 modestly powered integrated amplifier. Do you plan to upgrade that amp in the future and/or invest in an outboard phono pre-amp? Both those Rega are fine TTs. I seriously considered the P6 when I upgraded a few years ago because it comes standard with the upgraded belt & TT-PSU power supply, which are options for the P3 bringing it very near to the cost of a P6. Rega is a major proponent of ultra low mass design. As such, their TTs are very light and, even more so than most other turntables, require placement that is as level and impervious to vibration as possible. I am not at all familiar with your integrated amp or, more importantly, its phono section, which is really what will determine just how well either of these 2 TTs will match with your Denon. I would encourage you to get an objective or impartial opinion from someone in the know as to which might work best with your Denon or, possibly, an alternative (e.g. Fluance; Project; etc.). A call to Music Direct would likely answer that question or a chat with a reputable local audiophile shop. Better yet, go listen to a few TTs with equipment similar to your own (i.e. Denon integrated and your speakers). Good Luck!

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