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Help please - stereo setup

Good afternoon. I am new here, new to the audiophile world and just at the beginning stages of learning. So please bear with me.

Preface: I own a Rotel A12 integrated amp which I currently run into my KEF LS50s and Klipsch RP-600m speakers. I recently purchased a Doge 10 tube amplifier as I have decided to get into the tube world. The Doge tube amp does not have an internal DAC however my Rotel does have a Wolfson DAC. The Doge tube amp has the following RCA inputs on the back panel: CD, DAC, TUNER, VIDEO, and AUX.

Question(s): My Rotel A12 unit does have a pre out on the back. Do I connect the Rotel pre out to the Doge amp DAC rca input? Or do I use the AUX rca input on the back of the Doge amp?

I'm basically wanting to know can I use the
Rotel to play my digital music (it's Bluetooth enabled and has a USB input) and send it through to my Doge 10 tube amp? I could always buy a new DAC for my Doge 10 but I'm wanting to save money here and utilize what I already have available. Thanks for your time, help, and patience.

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You've got 2 integrated

You've got 2 integrated amplifiers there. If you are looking to save money you should sell one of them not try and run them through one another.

Yes the Rotel has a pre-out for connecting to an amplifier, but you have a preamp there in the Doge. I suppose you could connect it to any of the inputs, but why? Your CD player has a DAC so you don't need to incorporate the Rotel just for processing the Digital signal. In the setup you are suggesting you want to do the Rotel is not really doing anything.

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