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KEF 104/2 speakers - Best compatible AV receiver $500 - $1,000

I have a pair of old KEF 104/2's from my bachelor days in the 80's that have been sitting in their boxes in the garage for about 20 years. Now thinking about breaking them out to use as speakers for a 4K smart TV in the family room. It'll be handling signals from Xfinity, Roku (including Spotify), PS5, Blu-ray, etc. Any suggestions for a good AV receiver under $1000 ($500 would be the sweat spot but can go higher). I don't plan to mess with surround sound, just want optimize the performance of the 104/2's. My recollection is that the speakers were 4 ohm and needed plenty of power because of the unusual design. Have totally lost touch with the audio world. Thanks for any recommendations!

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Twenty Years!

Twenty years is a long time to be locked up in a garage. Heat, cold, humidity, carbon monoxide, etc. I would recommend you hook them up somehow and see/hear if they still work as well as you hope they will before shelling out dough for a new AVR. Your recollection about those speakers being a 4 ohm nominal load is correct. Even though they are relatively efficient, you will need a robust power source with good high current to do those speakers justice. Since it seems you are only concerned about audio performance, why AVR? Why not integrated amplifier? Get the most harmonic distortion-free (quality) juice you can for your bucks. Good luck!

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