Grado GT220 True Wireless Earbuds Sweepstakes

Register to win a set of Grado GT220 True Wireless Earbuds (Value $259) we are giving away.

According to Grado:

The All New Grado GT220 True Wireless earbuds utilize an 8mm Dynamic Driver to deliver rich accurate bass, detailed midrange and clear precise treble, resulting in a user experience second to none. Grado wants you to hear the music as the recording engineer intended it, true and natural, nothing artificial.


The GT220 incorporates Bluetooth 5.0 as well as aptX, AAC and SBC codecs, making it possible to connect with a wide range of devices. When the GT220 is paired with your smart phone it's easy to make and control phone calls with the built in microphone and touch control system on the earbud. The left bud gives you touch control of phone and voice functions, and music playback is controlled by the right bud.


The GT220 has a twist to lock form to ensure a secure fit and quality sound every time. The earbuds weigh only 5 grams each making them comfortable for long listening sessions. The product ships with three different silicon ear-tips for guaranteed comfort in different ear sizes and shapes. With an impressive 6 hour battery life, and an additional 30 hours of charge stored in the case, the GT220 is ready for the long haul. The storage/charging case offers industry standard Qi wireless charging along with USB-C connectivity.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

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chicken dinner

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No Pun Intended - but these could be the earbuds every audiophile needs for his stocking stuffers.

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Time to go 21st century.

totp's picture more like ear stuffers?

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Love Grado headphones!

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9) The prizewinner name will be available on or after October 10, 2020.
5) The drawing will be conducted on or about November 24, 2020's picture

I'm game

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9) The prizewinner name will be available on or after October 10, 2020.
5) The drawing will be conducted on or about November 24, 2020

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The only TWS earbuds I'd wear...

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Would love to have this

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Love them!

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Looking forward to a demo

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I will play.

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9) The prizewinner name will be available on or after October 10, 2020.
5) The drawing will be conducted on or about November 24, 2020

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Would love to win these.

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Amazing, would love to get into Grado with these

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Would love some Grado TWS iems.

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I love grados

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And the winner is...

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Hoping for good luck

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Cant wait to get the Grado signature sound in a TWS package!

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Pick me,please...I’m ready for thr Grado experience

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Nice contest. Thanks.

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Have been a Grado fan since my early days in Audio. (Started in the early 70s). Now retired, but still using Grado products.

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Insert earbud here.

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Pick me :)

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Om nom nom!

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These look so nice!

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Sure be Grado to have a pair.

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Thanks for the chance to win!

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9) The prizewinner name will be available on or after October 10, 2020.
5) The drawing will be conducted on or about November 24, 2020

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Great opportunity, thanks.

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My precious!

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Sounds like a winner

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These would be so cool

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Hope these will sound better than my AirPods pro!

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I've used other Grados; these look good.

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...for this opportunity

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I love Grado and would love a pair of these.

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Wowzer!!!!! This is an awesome giveaway. Fingers crossed. I need to step up my ear bud game.

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to try these out.

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Something free in this economy? Please!

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I hope I win!

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Would love to win

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9) The prizewinner name will be available on or after October 10, 2020.
5) The drawing will be conducted on or about November 24, 2020

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Thanks for the give away!

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Grado. Brooklyns finest!

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TWS with aptx!

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Been shopping for some wireless buds. These would be great!

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...les grados s'il vous plait.

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Sounds good (I bet)

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I badly need to cut the cord on my old earbuds and go totally wireless.

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I've had Grados, but have never had true wireless or wireless-charging headphones. These look promising!

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Awesome giveaway!

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Please! Upgrade me!

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Sign me up!! :-D

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Count me in.

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Yes, looks great, I want it!

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Fingers crossed...

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so I'd give these a go.

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These look real nice.

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I’m feeling lucky

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Throw my name in the hat!

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would love to try wireless.

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I can use these with my new iPad Pro to watch Mandalorian.

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I'm in!

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can't wait to win

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let's do this

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Am I?

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That's a bummer.

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Really digging those bright lights from the big city!

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The best.

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Brooklyn rules!

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What a nice way to start mobile listing

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Throwing my hat in.

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4 eva

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I want...

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Count me in!

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Love Grado and Stereophile.

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would love a pair!

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Sounds just dandy!

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Loved Grado; my first audiophile purchase was a pair of 325i. Love to get a hold of these buds.

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If i could only have 1 item it would be a radio/stereo so i can listen to music forever. No matter your mood, there is a song for that.

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I'd love these!!

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Would love to try one! Yummy audiophile treat.

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I could really use a pair - thanks!

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If I win, I will take a picture with earbuds and post it.

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I need this!

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Winner, winner......the Grado's treble shimmers (with clarity)! Hope to be lucky enough to experience this as the 'Chicken Dinner Winner'

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I'm somewhat random

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good to try

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Nice buds!

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Fingers crossed and ears open.

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... a pair of those! thanks!!

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I'm in!

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Nice product!

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I want please.

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Sounds good!

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Great Sound at a Fantastic Price!

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Grado goodness in a wireless earbud - Can’t wait to hear a pair!

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I must have these! I must!

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musicistheanswer's picture

I must have these! I must!

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Awesome competition as we do not have anything like this at home Many thanks.

nedbade's picture I can't afford them otherwise.

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I own Grado for years. Moved away because of the horrible head band. I'm hopeful these will resolve the head-pain. I love the Grado sound.

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Would love to win a pair of these.

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in my life... Loved and wore out them all.

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New phone with no jack means I'll be looking at bluetooth. Love my Grado over ear headphones.

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Grado! Now doing TWE - outstanding!

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If as good as their cartridges & headphones then they should be great.

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Great for when I can't bring my Klipschorns along!

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Thank you to all our veterans

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These look interesting. Pick me! Pick me! Yeah!

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Would love to win them's picture

If i don't win

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Yes, I would love a pair of these

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Love Grado products. Have headphones for decades. Would love these.

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Marcstereophile's picture
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Make my ears happy!

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rrh's picture

I'm in.

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Looking forward to winning these!

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I would love a set of these!

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I Love Grado and Stereophile! Dont own any TW Buds yet!

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I need new earbuds, and these would be really nice!

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i want. thanks.

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Pick me.

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Would love to own a pair of these. I own two other pair of wireless ear buds and they fall well short of the mark.'s picture

I've used Grado headphones and cartridges for decades. Would welcome more Grado producst.

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Count me in!!!

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Joe Grado was brilliant, and I've had several pair of his SR series over the years.

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These look terrific. I've had Grado headphones for decades.

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These would be perfect for me.

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Love to have a pair

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Would love high end wireless ear buds. Had wired ear buds and they are awkward.

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Me want! Me win?'s picture


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One for each ear, cool!

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I'm in.