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Amp options

Hi all,

I’m setting up a system in a new room. I’ll be using my Martin Logan motion series, 2.1 only. I’m only interested in a turn table and WiFi streaming as sources.

I haven’t yet picked out a turn table.

what are some good options for amps? I would prefer phono pre, preamp, and amp all integrated. I don’t really have any brand preferences other than I’ve always liked Yamaha.

Budget... would prefer to stay under 5k, and really I like to be frugal, but I can stretch to 5k if needed


Old Audiophile
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Late to the Dance!

I'm late to this dance; so, this might be too little, too late. Several years ago, I was in the hunt to replace my 80 watt Yamaha receiver with what I hoped would be an amp & pre-amp within your same budget. When I ultimately realized I'd really need to invest, at least, $8,000 to $10,000 to achieve a significant and/or immediately audible improvement over the best integrated amplifiers in that budget range, I changed my focus to integrated amplifiers. Here's what I would suggest you spend some serious time listening to: Musical Fidelity M6si + McIntosh MA5300 + Simaudio Moon 340IX. There are others, of course, but I've spent a considerable amount of time listening critically to these 3 and they are all phenomenal. I would also recommend listening to Krell integrated amps and the Ruby line of Marantz. Good hunting!

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