Florida Audio Expo is 2021's First Audio-Show Casualty

The organizers of the 2021 Florida Audio Expo have announced the show's cancellation. All deposits, the organizers say, have already been refunded.

“We sincerely appreciate the exhibitors, consumers, and media that support us,” says Bart Andeer, co-founder and operations manager of the Florida Audio Expo, quoted in a press release sent out by Sue Toscano of Toscano Communications. “This decision isn’t the outcome we hoped to announce, but in our estimation, is the best option for our event given the information available at this time. We will always put our customers’ well being first. We remain vigilant and hope that 2022 will bring new opportunities to come together and celebrate our love for music.”

The show had been scheduled for February 12–14, just two months before the 2021 AXPONA, which is scheduled to take place in mid-April. Munich is scheduled just one month after AXPONA. Anyone care to bet on what show will be the next to take place?

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Next show to take place, RMAF 2021 :-) ......

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The first Seattle Show is scheduled earlier than that. What will happen is anyone's guess.

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I have to ask the people from CHOP/CHAZ, about that :-) .......

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There won't be any police dept. in Seattle during that PNW show ..... So, good luck :-) .....

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This will be a trend until an effective vaccine is developed and proven. When we see cases drop - then things will open back up, but I think mask will be part of the new American culture. The Seattle Show, yeah I think it's next. RMAF, that too. They finally cancelled the 2020 Gulf Coast Summer Festival Jazz Edition - I couldn't believe that they were going to attempt to pull it off.
I think the extra time will give vendors the chance think of new and creative ways of doing things, add some spice to shows, and an opportunity to show some innovation in their presentations. In your waiting - do not become complacent.

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If Munich is cancx'd ....that will be very big!!!!

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I have no insight into what Munich High End will do, but I do know that it must take into account travel bans and quarantines, the expected second wave and risk of transmission, and the possibility that attendees from outside continental Europe will be barred. What would Munich High End be like without the presence of manufacturers, dealers, and audiophiles from the US, Canada, Asia, and Central / South America?

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Then it will be called 'Europhile' show :-) .......

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Look at the bright side ....... You (JVS) don't have to wear a mask for 11 hours flying .... not to mention wearing a mask during the show :-) .......

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The Florida Audio Expo got the Covid 19 virus going in the Tampa area.

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Please cite your evidence outside your memory.

One of the first cases in Tampa was a young woman who traveled to/got in Italy. Zero connection to show.
Another was Gene Delasalla Audioholics, who is on record stating he contracted it from a visitor to his house, who had just traveled to China. Both those dates are well after the FL Expo show.
Let's see your evidence please.


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My main source is the Tampa Bay Times. And "just" was a few weeks according to the story. And how many audio trade shows were there in Tampa earlier this year? I'm going with Jack Evans reporting. Gene was infected February 28th and a few weeks puts the "visitor" in China before the Expo.

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It says nothing about "audio" trade show. The show was Feb 7,8,9.
There is zero evidence, including your cited article, suggesting The Florida Audio Expo was the start of C-19 in Tampa.
That's outrageous slander by you and now anyone here can read your "memory". Gene was at that show. He got it weeks later.

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Airlines are anticipating another multi-billion loan to help them survive the next 6 months.

Travel is between 25% to 30% of pre-virus March 2020 levels. ( not enough to survive )

Federal Reserve Bank is reporting that Americans are saving for the first time in decades.

Millions of Americans face the threat of being homeless as the nation's small businesses are collapsing and unemployment benefits are ending.

Looks to me that Stereophile Magazine will be our next and only Audio Show for those of us not living in a tent or car.

Tony in Venice