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Innerfidelity and Audiostream

It seems these publications have gone by the wayside.

I had a brief email exchange with an AVTech Media, the relatively new owner of the publications, associate as to what was happening as I noticed that content and writers seemed to be, shall I say, a bit lower in quality than in the past, ahd they indicated this redirection of the URL's would be happening. The individual alluded to the events that occurred, chronologically, and possible reasons as to why. I won't speculate here but it's sad to see these publications disappear and hope that Sound & Vision and Stereophile are not put to pasture in the near future also as I enjoy and will continue reading them.

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Sad news

I just noticed this as well, that both urls now redirect to It’s a shame to lose all the great work of Michael Lavorgna and Tyl Hertzens, I hope at least their reviews will be added somewhere in separate sections of

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Not happy about this, was in the habit of checking Audiostream daily. Learned a lot from Lavorgna and Arnott.

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The loss of IF is significant. Sure you can find it on, but it disappeared all of a sudden. If it had a forum with user content, that would've been lost permanently (Archive does not preserve most forum content).
Hertsens put a LOT of effort and research into IF projects. Who knowns how many of those are preserved on Archive.

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Pardon my French, but this is

Pardon my French, but this is horseshit. Rafe Arnott was eager, into it, and had fans. Hell, he even appreciated a good single malt with his audio - a man after my own heart. AV Media is screwing themselves.

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Very sad..

Both sites actually focus on most trendy topics in musical reproduction (and with ML, AS did so in most amusing and entertaining way, regardless of subject). It is a pity to see the topics neither maintained, nor linked to enable access.

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