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What type of speakers for background music?

I was wondering what would make for good background listening speakers. I am asking because I would love to step up my music listening experience for when I am making dinner, working on a project, etc. I am not always in the sweet-spot in situations like this. Currently our living room has a basic/entry level set-up. They're Ohm E2 loudspeakers which definitely are enjoyable to listen to but I wonder whether there is something better for background listening. I have heard the newer Ohm Walsh speakers are a good idea because they're omni-directional speakers and wondered about the logic behind that thinking. I was just curious about this idea and wondered what others had in mind.
I appreciate any feedback.

Kal Rubinson
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Better and background

Better and background listening are an odd mix. What is wrong with listening to the regular system (or an improved version of it) from another room?

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Maybe you mean speakers that

Maybe you mean speakers that sound good off axis or out of the sweet spot? Speakers that don't lose their tonal balance if you aren't right in front of them? I always have avoided those head needs to be in a vice type speakers. I had some Innersound Electrostatic speakers years ago and they were so dull and lifeless unless you were in sweet spot. I always appreciate a review that tells what the speakers sound like off axis. Personally I like to have the music with me in the room. I'd rather listen to a small powered speaker in the bathroom than have to crank speakers in the living room to get the sound to the bathroom. I recently bought a Naim Mu-so for my kitchen and it's a wonderful thing to have such nice sound and something somewhat unobtrusive on the kitchen counter.

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