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Will One Set Of 8 ohm Speakers Work With a Set of 6 ohm Speakers?

I currently have a set of 8 ohm speakers on my Sherwood receiver rx-4105. The receiver is 2 channel at 100 watts per channel. I want to buy another set of speakers but the ones I want are 6 ohms. I know I can power the 6 ohm speakers on my receiver but will they go well with the 8 ohm speakers? Something tells me the 6 ohm speakers will have a lower volume than the 8 ohm speakers because they need more power.

The 8 ohm speakers I have are the Mirage V2 Omnisat (8 ohm). The speakers I'm looking to get are the Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2 ( 6 ohm). Thanks

Kal Rubinson
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If you plan to use both sets

If you plan to use both sets at the same time, your effective load on the Sherwood is 3.4ohms and it might not be able to handle that.

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