Fyne Audio F702 Speakers, Pass Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier and XP-17 Phono Stage, Aurender W20SE Music Server, Aqua LaScala MkII DAC, VPI HW-40 40th Anniversary Turntable

Suncoast Audio presented Fyne Audio F702 speakers ($8995/pair) in their US debut. Handmade in Scotland, the two-and-a-half-way floorstander features a concentric point-source tweeter/midrange array with a titanium center that seemed almost hornlike in its appearance and delivery.

The Suncoast folks noted that the speakers were still breaking in when I came by on Friday but the sound was still quite pleasing-some articulate upright bass, for instance, which might have been benefiting from the "secret" downward-firing port on the bottom side of the cabinet.

The F702 speakers, spec'd at 92dB efficiency, were powered by the 60Wpc (into 8 ohms) Pass Labs INT-60 class-AB integrated amplifier ($9000), which is high-biased and operates in class-A up to 30Wpc.

Sources included the Aurender W20SE music server/streamer ($22,000) and Aqua LaScala MkII Optologic DAC ($7700) for digital, and for analog, a VPI Industries HW-40 40th Anniversary direct-drive turntable with an Ultra Eminent Ex moving-coil cartridge from My Sonic Lab ($6995) and a Pass Labs XP-17 phono stage ($4300). Cabling was from the Shunyata Research Sigma series, and the system was supported by Critical Mass Systems Sotto Voce equipment racks and CenterStage footers.

During a brief LP listen to the first movement of Bryce Dessner's Concerto for Two Pianos, composed for and played by the Labèque sisters, I noticed plenty of crisp detail, and quiet backgrounds provided a nice backdrop from which the recording's dynamic swings emerged.

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Scotland's Fynest? :-) ..........

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Do you have to comment on everything?
Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but give the magazine a break.

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I was repeating a quote made by a 'Hi-Fi News' reviewer, reviewing one of the Fyne Audio speakers :-) ......

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Chronically detracts from the point of all this, doesn't it?

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... a few decades since their choice in repertoire began to diverge from my personal preference.

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Thought those were some new Tannoy dual concentric speakers (the top driver is essentially a Tannoy dual concentric driver), then wondered if Tannoy decided to start selling them to others when I saw they weren't Tannoys, only to google it and find that Fyne is a bunch of people that used to work for Tannoy. I guess their non-competes expired.

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because I am a happy owner of Tannoys D700 and they look nearly identical. If I buy speakers like this, I go for the original. Several years ago one bass driver developed a blurred image and Tannoy helped me out with a new driver nearly for free. I really love my D700. With the right (tubed) amps in a 30m2 room it is difficult for more expensive speakers to beat them.

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I had heard that Fyne Audio was a bunch of Ex-Pat Tannoy folks who did not like the direction that Tannoy seemed to be heading. Can anyone comment on that with authority?

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The founders of Fyne include the former Tannoy operations director, product-development manager, and director of research. Tannoy was owned by a Danish Company and was bought by a different company that has a focus on pro-audio and installation. A lot of the production was moving to China, and employees feared more to come. (As I understand it, they actually ended up building a new factory in Scotland.) But key managers left, they got funding from China and the Scottish government, and they set up the new company.

Jim Austin, Editor

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The usual suspects had excellent demos at the show.
Magico speakers, Wilson's Sasha, Acoustic Solutions all in the 35-50K range stood out.
However the real value surprise were the F702 from Fyne Audio. Rich, warm, and clean sound reproduction. The speakers retail for 9k, the rest of the gear totaled over 70K. They're not Tannoy's folks, far richer deeper sound.