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bass in a basement

Hello. I'm new here,first post. I recently moved into a rancher with a finished basement and a carpeted concrete floor. I have everything situated now. The bass produced from my two PV800 Boston Acoustics have lost their thump. They played very well when they were on a wood floor over a basement in the old house. To get the thump back, I could place them on a large wooden box. Would that make any difference ?

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RE Bass Treatment

Most basements i know have concrete walls and its horrible for bass as it just washes and bounces all over the place and the standing waves are everywhere.
I would get some coring 703 or 705 insulation, some burlap, some thin breathable wood for the backs and some adhesive and proceed to make your own bass traps and acoustic absorption panels. Get the 4' X 2" 703 or 705 panels. I did the same for my
song mastering studio and it works very well.

Bass traps should be at least 4 inches thick and acoustic panels can be 2 inches thick. You can hang them every few feet depending on how the room sounds and bass traps can go on the back and front walls and corners, but hang them anywhere to get the best sound possible.

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