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What's a great integrated amp/setup sounds best wtih B&W 606s?
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Your price range is very low to get what you want/need.

You may want to consider spending more.

The Music Hall A15.3 amp is what I recommend, for $549.

It is excellent for that price; most comparable amps are priced a bit higher.

There are some cheaper ones, but I wouldn't recommend them for those speakers.

brooklynmuse wrote:

Hi folks,

Trying to take advantage of Cyber Monday deals -
I'd love your advice as I'm looking to get an integrated amp in the $500 range (though ideally more like $350) and it seems 50–60-watts per channel in 8Ω will be best.
range that will make these beauties sing. I mostly listen to Jazz/Acoustic/Afrocuban/Classical
Also appreciate your recommendation for any subs you dig.

The room is about 10.6 ' x 18 ' (including 4 windows and approx 13 feet ceiling)
- source ranges from spotify to vinyl
- I'm looking to be able to add on devices like a cd player and cassette player, tuner
- I'd like a remote
- wi-fi capability/bluetooth for computer
- love ability to tinker with EQ

Placement in in a nook against exposed brick in an open floor plan living room/kitchen.
Measurements of entire space is 22x17.

Many thanks!

B&W 606
Audio Technica AT- LP60

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