Woodstock 50th Anniversary "Peace of Stage" and 5 Vinyl LP Back To The Garden Sweepstakes

Register to win one of five actual pieces of the original 1969 Woodstock stage (Value $99.00 ea) or a Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection 5 Vinyl LP set (Value $124.98) we are giving away.

According to Peace of Stage:

Peace Pendant: Always have a piece of Woodstock magic around your neck and close to your heart, with this Peace Pendant, that is encased with a piece of the original and authenticated stage from the 1969 Woodstock Festival.

Wood Size: 3/16" thick and 1.2 in diameter; Pendant Size: 44 x 33 x 9 millimeters


Every Pendant will include a tamper-proof hologram on the back, as well as on the Letters of Authenticity that accompanies the pendant. Bring the Woodstock magic everywhere you go with this limited edition Peace Pendant, just in time for the 50th Anniversary.

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Acrylic Stage Frame: Ideal for display and connecting with the festival magic, this touchable piece of the original 1969 Woodstock stage is surrounded by rainbow colors with the concert dates and location, Peace of Stage logo, and a tamper-proof hologram certifying its authenticity.

Wood Size: 2-inches x .75-inches; Plexiglass Frame Size: 4-inches x 9-inches


The stage piece is glued on the outside of this plexiglass frame. The clear acrylic portrait frame is free standing with the special 50th Anniversary design set inside. It comes with Letters of Authenticity that also have the matching hologram. Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of this iconic festival with your Peace of music history!

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According to Rhino:

5 Vinyl LP Box Set: Between August 15-18, 1969, more than 400,000 people converged on Max Yasgur's 600-acre dairy farm in upstate New York for Woodstock. Thirty-two acts performed including some of the most popular and influential musicians of the era such as Joan Baez, The Band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, and The Who.


Woodstock 50 – Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Collection features 42 of the finest performances recorded at the legendary festival.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

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I am not a Stereophile staff writer. Thank you for the gift!

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Always fun to see the comment lurkers coming out during sweepstakes. I'm guessing the average comment count on a stereophile post is 0.7, and I predict over 500 comments on this thread. Happy to be one of them.

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Here’s my very clever comment

rschryer's picture

...does this count?

Jason Victor Serinus's picture

Given that I was quite active in the peace movement at the time, and almost went to Woodstock, it does seem appropriate. Thanks so much.

rschryer's picture

But (rebelliously) peace-loving initiatives aside, I believe that as a Stereophile staff writer you are prohibited from participating in this contest.

Besides, aren't you 100% digital? Why would you want to win a vinyl LP set? Do you secretly listen to vinyl? Your readers have a right to know!

Your friend,

Rob S.

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Six years old and on a different continent, otherwise..........

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nor spam...please enter me in the drawing!

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My turn to win!! :-D

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Peace and Love, man. Lotta Freaks!

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Good luck to everyone and many thanks to Stereophile ! :)

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Please send prize to my home address. Thank you.

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What a great sweepstake

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Fantastic Prizes, please pick me!

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Maybe this time

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My first post. Hope it is a lucky one. Thanks for the chance.

rickyjay's picture

I was fifteen. Mom and Dad had a fit when I said I wanted to go, so no dice. I compensated by listening to all of this music for years after.

carl478's picture

I know where I was during the concert. Do you?

bdiament's picture

and Love

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Count me in:)

mememe2's picture

Wasn't able to go but was at the first showing of the film in Toronto. Still have the special booklet they gave out at the theater.

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That vinyl box set looks really nice.

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Would be very lucky to have either prize!

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but I'd love to win either one

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Help assuage my grief.

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Me please!

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Great promotion!

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cool, have to tie-dye a T-shirt if I win!

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I'm ready to get back to the garden

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Let it shine on me!

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Peace man!

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...the first time around.

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count me in...

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Everyone was gone
Wasted, hungry and muddy
Back in the garden

imglocked's picture

well, this SEEMS wrong, monetizing a cultural turning point that defined a generation, but I was 6 when it started and turned 7 on the day it ended and really didnt understand it for at least another 10 years, so it wasn't MY generation. I DO enjoy the music, so I'm in- for the vinyl, you can keep the "twice-authenticated" wood!
Shameless money grab.

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Everybody wants a peace!
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I hope I win

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love to snag this one

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I was just a little too young to go to Woodstock, but my babysitter was in the movie.

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I'd still like to win.

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but would real enjoy the box of vinyl.

Peace, Love, and Flowers [|;^)>

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come along with me

don't mess with the man
he'll never understand

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LPs Please!

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I would like to have a prize! Thanks.

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I'm ready to go back 50 years.

mdbsanjose's picture

Good morning! What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for four hundred thousand.
Wavy Gravy, speaking from the stage, quoted in Woodstock: Three Days That Rocked the World By Mike Evans, Paul Kingsbury, Martin Scorsese. Sterling Publishing Company, Inc., 2009

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this would be very cool--thanks.

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Count me in — all in. Can't wait to hear the lps.

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Hope to get picked for the giveaway!

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If I don’t win.... I hope Jason does.

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Because I think he should upgrade his Turntable.

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Really looking forward to that Rhino box set!

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Thanks for the opportunity

ssieburth's picture

Is it possible to get enough of Max Yasgur's mudfest? I was in heading into 9th grade when this came down so I can only experience it through the magic of recorded sound and image - and spirit. That is what quality sound is all about.

sanders's picture

... when Woodstock happened. I wanted to be there, but couldn't.

Bubbamike's picture

To Yasger's farm.

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Count me in for flashback to Woodstock

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Fingers crossed on this one.
Thanks for the chance!

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I'll take the LP's, please

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Should of Would of could have been there!!

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This is really cool. Count me in.

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Yes I am in

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Now all I need is a working turntable...

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take the stage

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Peace, Love and Togetherness Forever

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Very cool

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Would love a piece of memorabilia, cool contest

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It sounds like something worth winning to me.

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I was there. Would like the piece to commemorate it!

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Wasn't there but love the music. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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Nice set from a good company.

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Peace and love.


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I'll take two sets--thanks

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This would be a really nice way to commemorate the 50th anniversary.

texanalog's picture

Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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fast times

bolg's picture

Fingers crossed! Would love to share these amazing vinyl's w/ my folks, who came from that era and loved the music/movement. Thanks for the opportunity!

dmineard HT's picture

So winning this would be terrific so I can hear what was played in Wood stock. Thanks.

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And mahalo

matthewb's picture

Ok I’m in

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Pick me please.

audiom's picture

but stayed home instead. Probably just as well.