AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt Portable USB DAC Sweepstakes

Register to win an AudioQuest DragonFly Cobalt Portable USB DAC (Total value $299.95) we are giving away.

According to the company:

In 2012, the original AudioQuest DragonFly thoroughly disrupted the DAC market. For so many casual enthusiasts who had never previously considered the possibility of improving their digital-audio experience, DragonFly was nothing short of a revelation. Meanwhile, even the most experienced audiophiles were compelled to reexamine long-held notions of what a DAC could and should be. Stereophile's Art Dudley enthusiastically summarized, “DragonFly is fun: It's a thumb in the eye of those tea-pinky tyrants who would tell the rest of us what is and is not high end. I can think of no more recommendable product in digital audio.”


In the early months of 2015, AudioQuest surpassed its previous achievements with DragonFlys Black and Red—two sensational models that offered improved performance-to-cost ratios with unprecedented sound quality, free firmware updates, and, of course, the biggest news of all, compatibility with Apple® and Android® smartphones.

And now comes DragonFly Cobalt—AudioQuest's new flagship DAC. Cobalt takes what music lovers around the world have come to expect from the multi-award-winning DragonFly family—naturally beautiful, seductive sound—and strips away fuzz and fog that weren't even noticeable until Cobalt removed them.


How is this possible? Like the critically acclaimed DragonFly Red, Cobalt has the robust 2.1-volt output to drive almost any headphone, uses a bit-perfect digital volume control for outstanding signal-to-noise ratio, enables seamless compatibility with Apple and Android devices, and is an exceptionally competent and affordable MQA renderer.

Cobalt's precedent-setting performance is made possible by multiple significant upgrades:

  • New, more advanced ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip with a minimum-phase slow roll-off filter for more natural sound.
  • Microchip's superb PIC32MX274 microprocessor draws less current and increases processing speed by 33%.
  • Improved power-supply filtering that specifically increases immunity to WiFi, Bluetooth, and cellular noise.
  • Includes AudioQuest's new DragonTail USB-A (female) to USB-C (male) adaptor to easily accommodate the increasing number of electronic devices that feature USB-C ports.
  • Contoured enclosure measures just 2.26” x 0.73” x 0.47” (57.5mm x 18.6mm x 11.9mm), making the latest DragonFly 10% smaller than its predecessors.

Like previous models, Cobalt uses Gordon Rankin's precedent-setting StreamLength® asynchronous-transfer USB code. Further, in Gordon's monoClock® technology, a single ultra-low-jitter clock generated from the ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip runs the ESS chip functions as well as all microcontroller functions. This superior clock enables DragonFly Cobalt to provide greater resolution and clarity than DACs with multiple clocks.

With AudioQuest's DragonFly USB DAC, music appreciation and exploration are limitless: Plug into an Apple or Windows computer or connect to an iOS or Android mobile device. Play YouTube or Vimeo videos. Go hunting on Bandcamp or SoundCloud. Explore playlists on Spotify or Pandora. Stream high-res audio from Tidal or Qobuz. No matter the choice of musical pleasure, DragonFly delivers beautiful sound to earbuds, headphones, desktop speakers, or complete audio systems, unraveling the emotional expression and nuance that makes music and movies so enjoyable. Now, more than ever before, naturally beautiful sound is right at your fingertips—however you want it, whenever you want it.


The first 10,000 units of DragonFly Cobalt will come packaged with vouchers for trial subscriptions to the outstanding Tidal and Qobuz music-streaming services. Cobalt customers can begin their musical journeys with two new AudioQuest playlists—On an AudioQuest and Making Connections—available on Tidal and Qobuz, respectively.

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cdxskier's picture

Count me in!

Wii Schnickens's picture

I've been an AQ customer for over 25 years. Man that sounds like a long time when writing it! Most AQ purchases were interconnects, speaker cables and recordings. Would LOVE to get into AQ digital.

caonidayeah902's picture

always wanted a dragonfly. Doesn't hurt to start with the flagship! LOL

mdtolic's picture

Yes Please

shagathlete's picture

Wow winning this would be amazing. I was recently looking at the red so this seems like fate.

eworkflow's picture

I'd love to comprehensively compare it with the Red...

RetiredinSD's picture

If I win a Cobalt I would compare to my Dragonfly Black to see if I could tell any difference between the two.

ixtlan07's picture

Hearing good things about this. Hoping I win.

Lionstan's picture

Can't wait to win and try it!

omahahaha's picture

I've never used an external DAC before but would love to try it with my phone and computer.

meatyb0y's picture

Hurtling through space,
Monitors deep in my ears,
What screaming baby?

misterc59's picture

Just getting in to the conversion game after wishing for all of these years!


Jahmorinz's picture

Can't wait to win and try it !

ScottpScott's picture

Exciting looking product. Can't wait to demo

HooFighter's picture

Looking forward to reading in-depth review.

KAMonnig's picture

Kind of Blue

garysi13's picture

I've been thinking of using this with my Galaxy S9 to unfold all of Tidal.

ivayvr's picture

It would be nice to get one!
Best of luck to us all!

ken10254's picture

I have a red and would love to hear the difference between the two.
Hit me up Stereophile!

vitaliygz's picture

I lost my DragonFly Red, so this would be very much welcomed

atmacoin's picture

I own the Dragonfly Red which is very good. Curious how good the cobalt is.

lululu12's picture

Have the very first one. Would love this one!!

Bixby's picture

New stuff is fun.

bsher's picture

I've got an LG V40 and a Tidal subscription, and just installed USB Audio Player Pro, so this would be the final piece of the bit-perfect MQA puzzle!

Mike_Eastwood's picture

I've used the AudioQuest DragonFly Black for several years and it's been an amazing.

The quality – listening to Tidal or JRiver – when paired with my Sennheiser HD 380 PRO is exceptional.

And the cost per listen has been ridiculously low.

I can't wait to try the new Dragonfly Cobalt!

Holygeezer's picture

I just ordered a pair of Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon headphones and this would be a perfect match.

Bigskeptic's picture

This is a must have dac for the mobile warrior audio file. Please count me in!!

dannylin3000's picture

Can’t wait to try it!

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

too_much_caffeine's picture

Will be upgrading the 8-track player in my car with this!

Syrez's picture

have one more dac/amp?

RossFrank's picture

Interested in taking the plunge for a portable DragonFly Cobalt DAC for my iPhone. Or, I can purchase a multiyear subscription to Stereophile...

KPC206's picture

I purchased the original Dragonfly before the Black and the Red. I'd love to jump up to the Cobalt!

mpogorze's picture

I had a chance to hear a red one. I would love to hear the blue ( or cobalt )

cactuspete23's picture

It would be great to compare this with the Dragonfly Red that I've been using for a few years!

otaku's picture

My original Dragonfly is so worn out all of the paint is gone.

robbyt's picture

Thank you!

hifimanor's picture

for another product to enhance our musical enjoyment. Play on

bonifaxio's picture

I've wanted a Dragonfly since the original. Really exited about the Cobalt. Will finally give this a shot, especially now that I travel more. Just wish they'd gone with USB-C.

Waroroses's picture

This product elevates the bar for portable enjoyment. Now that I travel more, this will come in handy.

ShadyAF's picture


matthewb's picture

I'm in...

Telman's picture

I can only wish !

hien34's picture

would love to try this thing out!

mmac2210's picture

Interested to audition this newest version and hear how it compares to the previous models.

ffcruzm's picture

Let's see how this one does!

BillK's picture

I use a Red daily, so I'd love to hear the improvements the Cobalt will bring!

stvgray's picture

Have had the first one (black) and the second one (red). Would love to have the new one (cobalt).

All good, love to have one that's even better.

smorgen's picture

Would love to win this new DAC. Thanks for the possibility.

arksoundguy's picture

Waiting for my delivery. I don't know how long I can do this. If Bill Lowe is reading these He owes me for selecting his wire for our demo rooms at H.R. back in 1980.

labjr's picture

Cool little toy!

reuben_fuentes's picture

Wonderful. I almost bought a Red last weekend.

dalethorn's picture

Mine is in the mail (FedEx) already and should arrive end of the week. Expect a full review comparing to the DF Red, Explorer 2, Oppo HA2se, and more if I have time. I might even drag my JitterBugs out for a redo.

chestert2's picture

I have used the original dragonfly for years and love it. The Cobalt sounds like a great upgrade.'s picture

I like the price

Gxtxox's picture

I love my dragonfly red. Would love to see what this one can do!

franst62's picture

The perfect companion for my on-the-go listening!

ejchr2's picture

I'll take one!

edeverett's picture

Count me in.

puu's picture

My computer music could benefit from a boost and the AudioQuest DragonFly Red was the awards 2018 winner. It can only get better!

barkingart's picture

I would love to have the contest prize Cobalt!

wgmontgomery's picture

I would very much like to have one so that I could listen to MQA on Tidal.'s picture

Thank you for this opportunity. I have been a Stereophile subscriber forever and I do not remember any past contests.

wmattburns's picture

I haven't tried any of the Audioquest DACs, but I would be glad to try this one for free.'s picture

I already have DragonFly Red and love it and planning to buy Cobalt to compare.

ken10254's picture

I have a red and would love to compare them back-to-back.
Thanks for the opportunity!

audiomike's picture

The new Audioquest DragonFly Cobalt DAC looks great! Would be so nice to win :-)

zulmer's picture

I've been reading about the AudioQuest DragonFly Dacs since they first arrived. Never got the money to buy one but would love to win this new one. The DragonFly would always get top reviews and I'm sure the Cobalt will follow suit.

IMWorks's picture

Used to see Red, but now I see Cobalt. On my radar for sure...

ianjwebster's picture

Love to try one

zaustin3's picture

It would be great to win and replace my HRT microstreamer

birdplan's picture

I'd love to compare it to my longtime gadget, the HRT Headstreamer.

villager56's picture

I have neither the red nor the black. Please don’t leave me blue!

vollrath2112's picture

I'll be blue if I win, I'll be even bluer if I lose.

MSGJK8's picture

Would be great to hear this new device.Thanks.

landonscism's picture

DragonFly Red is great. Love to try the Cobalt

lyspooner's picture

I would not kick this DAC out of bed.

wendigone1's picture

Fly me to the moon, Dragonfly!

notfamous's picture

I'm using a studio ADAC right now, but It sure would be an interesting comparison.

kkatseanes's picture

I would love a new Cobalt. Fingers crossed!

HiFiHighjinks's picture

I feel lucky.

tomjgibson's picture

I've got the black and red. Would love to win the Cobalt to try it out!

Mike Rubin's picture

My first DAC was a Dragonfly.

b1gh1g's picture

Got the black, time to step up!'s picture

Cobalt is my favorite color, too!

hrabieh's picture

Imagining listening to music coming out of the cobalt instead of my laptop's headphone jack.. I may have to upgrade my headphones and my job!

Rk's picture
Rk's picture
Rk's picture

Not sure why my comment isn’t saving. Let’s try again..!

JohnG's picture

Please send me my Dragonfly Cobalt ASAP.

Thank you!

Coops's picture

My first post...ever. The dragonfly will be going to my daughter. We need pass this audio stuff down the line.

gerdjo's picture

Would love to have this as an upgrade to my DragonFly Black.

Caiman's picture

Super DAC!!!!

HeadphoneDreams's picture

I have the black but would very much like this!

minoan's picture

Love hifi and Stereophile makes it better

otherwillsmith's picture

My Dragonfly Black has been a major quality of life upgrade for me. I travel a lot for work and this little device enables me to bring quality hifi with me. From listening to music on my iPhone in the Uber to watching movies on my iPad on the airplane, this little guy has changed how I feel about traveling for work. I have been using it on my computer at my desk lately and its improved the sound I get from my Audioengine speakers as well! I would love the opportunity to see what the Cobalt has to offer, as I can't imagine another device, in this form factor, competing with my Black. Thanks for the chance to win one!

coltrane1226's picture

Would love to win a Dragonfly of any color!

Hightop's picture

I use a DragonFly Red with an iPhone 8+ and headphones. I'll upgrade to the Cobalt (eventually). Thanks for the contest!

spyder1's picture

It is a beautiful designed portable USB DAC.

Mr Bones's picture

A few days ago, I was at my friend's house, listening to Tidal MQA through his DragonFly Black hooked to Nighthawk headphones. Impressive. So naturally, I would love to have the Cobalt.

TheoK's picture

Make my wish come true!

thelsuman's picture

Really love my DF Red. Can't wait to try the Cobalt!

audiom's picture

Sadly, I’m not above begging the gods of randomness for this.

Brankin's picture

Hello, hooray!

grog68's picture

All my system cables are Audioquest. The best "bang for your buck" in cables. IMHO

vmartell's picture

Would love to compare against DAP!

SARIAS's picture

Best DAC

Icerube's picture

I’m in! Thanks Stereophile

rjcasaly's picture

Would love to give one a new home!

BubbaGump2284's picture

Not even my beloved Oppo BDP-105 can decode MQA.:('s picture

Drew me in by gear catnip

Hugh Hollon's picture

Already got the Red and it Rocks!!!!! Want the Cobalt so I can Rock AND Roll!!!!!!!!

PC's picture

Please pick me!

Zenith1217's picture

I can’t believe I almost bought a RED last week. So glad I saw this announcement.

SocialKonstruct's picture

Definitely wish to test this with both my Audeze LCD-CB's and HIFIMAN's HE4xx headphones.

Bluejimbop's picture

for bluejimbop.

aloomens's picture


bprochford's picture

New Cobalt would be ace!

ace-tone's picture

I'm in.

Swami's picture

I need it bad!

tjim's picture

Thank you and good luck to all!

Mayfield 4's picture

I just watched the Darko review of the Cobalt and it got my juices flowing! I need one!

AMA1968's picture

Big fan of AudioQuest (and Stereophile). Would love to win the Cobalt!

boMD's picture

I'd love a Cobalt to have on the road. Thanks!

Feggymango's picture

I would sure love to win this. Or at the very least, come in second place

JJW's picture

Had a black and it just stopped working. Cobalt is a great color.

R1200CL's picture
R1200CL's picture

Just ordered one.

andrews27's picture

Please to win Dragonfly, thanks.

Geared4me's picture

Count me in!

dowdag's picture

I would like to experience what this product does with a PC running Windows 10 with my Beyerdynamic DT-990 Pro headphones. The source would be YouTube and WinAmp, lol!

RosaliesDog's picture

From the black. :-)

Colemanmcm22's picture

I want the cobalt!!!

Mrcl55's picture

Cobalt please

scottbuzby's picture

I live in the country and just saw a couple of real dragonflies
yesterday. They are a beautiful creature.

I'd love to win the new Cobalt model -- hint, hint.

yk's picture

I have read excellent reviews about this portable DAC. Looking forward to trying it.

RWayne's picture

Have the black and have enjoyed it, looking forward to purchasing the Cobalt.I will only enjoy it even more.If I win Bonus.

mixpro's picture

Would love to check it out for myself!

meeker99's picture

I soooooo want one of these!!!! Thanks for giving one away!!

badboy07's picture

Love to try one on!

jporter's picture

someone has to win...

frank oprinsen's picture

Would be great to test this DAV with my own ears.

JoeE SP9's picture

Count me in please.

invaderzim's picture

who wouldn't want to win that?

jgirado's picture

But I wouldn't mind winning the cobalt!

orozkoinsider's picture

The back version did really improve the sound quality. Would be nice to compare to the cobalt.

dmcrisp33's picture

I just got the red, the cobalt would be even better!!!

epstereo's picture

3rd generation is the charm!

mehdisaeedi's picture


fkrausz's picture

Co-BALT! Co-BALT! Co-BALT! Oooh, I could haz nice music from my computer through my headphones!