ATC CD2 CD player and SIA2-100 integrated amp/DAC

Small does not mean negligible. Especially when a system includes the first West Coast showing of ATC's new CD2 CD player ($2349) and SIA2-100 integrated amp/DAC ($3749). With the integrated performing the DAC honors—thank you, Rafe Arnott, for asking that question—and ATC entry-series SCM7 speakers ($1649/pair, reviewed in Stereophile here) transmitting the sound, this little system delivered bossa nova great Rosa Passos and bassist Ron Carter's "Insensatez" with great beauty, a fine midrange, and, most surprising of all, bass solid down to Carter's lowest note. One of the three exhibitors in the room told me that the little speakers work really well with a TV system; given what I heard, I believe him.

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ATC SCM7 speakers were reviewed by JM for Stereophile with measurements :-) ..........

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... the CD player should also be able to play SACDs and the integrated amp should include a phono stage.

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To me, any disc spinner of $2K that does not play SACDs would be a no sale. It should also have a DVD transport and be able to play burned DVD-Rs with 2496 files on them.

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... the audio quality of the latest higher end universal disc players. They could start with the Pioneer UDP-LX500, which is available for about $1K.

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Match up the ATC SCM7 speakers with Denon integrated amp and CD/SACD player, and we will have a great system for around $5k :-) ............

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ATC SCM7 has competition from couple of other Stereophile Class-A rated bookshelf/stand-mount/desk-top speakers in this price range, including passive KEF LS-50 :-) ..........

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Some of these exhibitors/manufacturers/dealers could use IsoAcoustics isolation speaker stands when demoing these types of bookshelf/stand-mount/desk-top speakers ...... especially when they are demoing them over desktops ...... That may improve the sound quality further :-) ........

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These speakers were surprisingly good, especially considering the less than ideal setup. Kudos to the gents who let us hear these.

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Like others, I just cannot see anyone spending that money on a CD player that cannot even play hi-res SACDs. I just purchased the Berlin Philharmonic's new Tchaikovksy 6th Symph SACD in a magnificently resplendent packaging with new conductor Kirill Petrenko ... and yes I could listen to the 16 bit 44 kHz redbook CD layer, but what I want is to listen to the hi-res SACD layer.