Arion Apollo Loudspeakers, LS-200 Linestage, 2A3 Tube Amplifiers, and HS-500 Hybrid Mono Amplifiers; EMM DA2 DAC; Wolf Alpha 3 Music Server; VPI HW-4 turntable, etc.

An intriguing system from MK Audio LLC of Charlotte, NC, brought to the fore Arion Audio’s nearly full-range AMT line-array Apollo System loudspeaker ($24,900/pair). The Apollos, which were paired with active subwoofers, claim an astounding 105dB sensitivity—sensitive enough to work with Triode Labs' 2A3 3.5W vacuum tube amplifiers (no price supplied). At least I think I was hearing the 2A3s, because also in view were their hybrid class-D amplifiers ($6995/pair). Preamplification was the company’s LS-200 hybrid line-stage ($3995).

When I entered, Merle Haggard & Willie Nelson were singing “Poncho & Lefty” from an LP played on VPI’s HW-4 direct drive turntable ($15,000) via a SoundSmith SG-200 Strain Gauge Cartridge ($8599.95). The recording brought to the fore this system’s midrange smoothness and depth. I tried not to let Nils Lofgren's overplayed “Keith Don’t Go” drive me out of the room as I once again noted the system’s midrange strength. The Apollo speakers’ AMTs (Air Motion Transformers) are built in-house and descend to 120Hz. Larger and smaller loudspeaker models are in the offing.

Also heard and appreciated: EMM DA2 DAC ($25,000), Wolf Alpha 3 Music Server ($7045); Chang Lightspeed Powerline Filter, RealTraps bass traps and acoustic treatment, and Stillpoints Equipment Racks.

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Thanks for covering our room in your show report. I want to confirm that you were indeed listing to our Apollo system with the towers powered by the vacuum tube mono 3.5 watt amps using 2A3 tubes. The 2A3 amps we used are made by Triode Labs not by us. In our large showroom we regularly use mono tube amps using the 45 vacuum tube which have an output of about 1.5 to 2 watts to demonstrate the true sensitivity of our speakers. The Arion amps that we used at THE Show were powering the Apollo woofers.

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Thanks for this--I've made the fix. Jim Austin, Editor Stereophile
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They sound good just looking at them.