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Where to find an obscure cable

So my setup is not quite standard, I guess. I have some desktop speakers plugged into my PC's 3.5mm jacks. I also have some headphones I like to use once in a while (Sennheiser something-or-other -- not important) that have a 1/4" plug. I would prefer to have them both plugged into the same jack on the back so as to not have a big cable sticking out the front of my computer (I can just turn off my speakers when I want to use the headphones).

I don't know if my headphones are slightly faulty or if the previous adapters I've purchased were just very low quality, but I've broken probably 3 different 3.5mm to 1/4" adapters. Something inside starts rattling around. I also don't necessarily want to daisy-chain a y-splitter and an adapter to have them both plugged in simultaneously.

I'm wondering if anyone would know where to find a 3.5mm male to 3.5mm *and* 1/4" y-splitter? I've searched online a bit, but it seems like a pretty niche, obscure cable so I'm having trouble finding one. Any ideas where to look?

TL;DR Need a male 3.5mm to female 3.5mm *and* 1/4" y-splitter. Where do I find one?

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I suggest that you use a 3.5mm splitter cable (6 inch or so) and then plug the Monoprice 1/4 inch adapter into one side.

Use the Monoprice #7165 adapter; it is all-metal and should not break on you.

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