Coppertone by Black Cat Cable Sweepstakes

Register to win a 1M pair of Coppertone RCA interconnects, a 1M Coppertone USB digital cable, and a 2.5M pair of Coppertone speaker cables (Total value $649.84) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Coppertone by Black Cat Cable distills a tremendous amount of high performance attributes into an affordable series of cables that punch far above their weight!

  • High-velocity, low-capacitance interconnects ensure the preservation of the low-voltage analog signal by suspending the conductor in air with our NAMI™ process
  • Low-inductance, low-skin-effect, low-proximity effect "tube-within-a-tube" speaker cables are structurally and electrically ideal
  • Noise-absorbing layers of our QuieTex™ shielding an outstanding feature of our Coppertone USB cable

As with all of our cables, Coppertone are part of Black Cat Cable's collection of cables that are manufactured in our Cumming, GA workshop by Chris Sommovigo personally! Our materials, our machines, our processes!


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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

funambulistic's picture

Sign me up!

custom_made's picture

pure copper nami conductor undulating gracefully

dachoge's picture

Love the name and the look - very nostalgic; reminds me of the old sunscreen add. And Black Cats are great cables as well.

danlu60's picture

have not bought any cables for quite some time, if they were as good as they said, I would like to try.

black321's picture

Ok, didnt win megamillions but this would be just as good!

malvrich's picture

Please pick me!

jnickolo's picture

I could use some new cables.

DudeOnADucati's picture

I'll have those!

Anton's picture

I love Chris and own some of the small run things he has done!

Chris is great and puts care into what he's doing.

I used to be on his mailing list.

Chris, if you read the replies, let us know how you are!

He makes good stuff, folks.

thethanimal's picture

Maybe this will be an economical way for me to try out fancy cables to see if I can hear a difference between them and big box store interconnects and 14 gauge lamp wire.

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otaku's picture

... are the best!

yyz's picture

I'll take the bait.

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would love to own a set of these cables.

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count me in.

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Huge admirer of this company and its products. Fingers crossed...

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Why not!

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random comment...

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Win Anything

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Guybee's picture

Great cables from a great cable artist!

Indydan's picture

I'll pay for shipping if I win!

torturegarden's picture

One can never have too many audio cables and I'd love to give these a try.

Stevo9's picture

I need good cables. Mine are mostly DIY with silver plated hobby wire in 24ga. I have one pair of Audioquest Quartz (a lil bright). I want good ones to get the most of my system.

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Glad to see Black Cat has moved to my neighborhood!

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Hook a brother up!

mtrot's picture

I'm in, I hope!

will1's picture

Just took delivery of a NAP 100 power amp to drive my Neat Iota Alphas.....using a Cambridge 851n as preamp/DAC/streamer.....would be (very!) happy to write a review of the the Coppertone wiring as an upgrade to my budget Chords! Cheers

texanalog's picture

Thanks for the chance to win!

Bogolu Haranath's picture

When is the cable guy coming over? .......... I'm waiting :-) ..........

phonaudio's picture

Im in!

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Come to me.

Lockeray's picture

I just got a new equipment and im in need of a awesome pair of rcas. Thanks for the chance to win!

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Sure would fancy some new cables!


tarxman82's picture

Just please tell me you'll ship to AU if I win!

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latinaudio's picture

I have been receiving Chris newsletters since many years ago.
Enlightning stuff, new ideas over old problems.
Keep the good work, thanks!

Metalhead's picture

If I win I promise to put on Beck, Bogart, and Appice at loud volume.

pcosta's picture

I hope I win!

FredisDead's picture

I've been a repeat customer for many years. Has Chris moved back to the States from Japan or has production always been in the US? I would rather hear all the details in a nice profile piece in S'phile than win!

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Love the chance to win these cables!

jfschum's picture

Another great sweepstakes!

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i need them sooo bad, early Christmas present!

ongcs's picture

I'm the winner of the Coppertone by Black Cat Cable Sweepstakes!

Lee Clayton's picture

cables make a difference!

er1c's picture

Never won anything, this would be so great! Warmest regards..

DougM's picture

I could use these. My Audioquest cables are over ten years old.

Amos's picture

Just refurbed my 1970s ARC gear, so count me in

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New Coppertone Cable I would like to try !!

Gswanson1118's picture

Pick me!

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Sounds good to me

RafaPolit's picture

I have made more interesting and enlightened posts on other articles from Stereophile, but sure... I'd try some different cables in my systems for free any day! Sign me up.


RafaPolit's picture

Well, there you go: a more enlightened and useful post!

Are you aware there are other countries in the world beside the US? Could you at least have pointed out in the main article that this is only available for US residents (which in itself is a poor marketing move as you aim to - hopefully - reach a wider audience).

I'm fed up with everyone thinking the world starts and ends within the US.

ao's picture

this prize.

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Yes please

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I need these!

johnhogie's picture

I've had the same speaker cables for 20 years. It would be nice to try something new.

SpinMark3313's picture

& hoping for the win...

stylophile's picture

Nice cables, thanks for the giveaway, hope I win.

mrfn85's picture

I like Chris cables. Let's say it's a little miracle!

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Yes Please!

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Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want :)

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argyle_mikey's picture

Duplicate posting

argyle_mikey's picture

Duplicate - can’t delete!

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Win time!!

trmntr03's picture

Let me in.'s picture

I just purchased my first "hifi" system this year. Cables are what I'm looking for next.

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Nice cables! Mee Waannntttt.

shellac4545's picture

Wish for the goodies.

krahbeknudsen's picture

Me please!

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Cables ….mmmmm

Type35's picture

Finally a full range of quality cables at affordable prices from Black Cat. Kudos to you Chris. Sign me up!

jcbever's picture

Sign me up, I would love to give them a try.

germay0653's picture

I own a pair of Goldilinks and they're phenomenal! Would love some Coppertones!

neo4fun's picture

Nice cables...great give away...maybee with stroke of luck...

markbrauer's picture

Isn't that a firecracker?

Demerara's picture

Looks like a great set of cables from Chris

prerich45's picture

Fingers crossed!!!!

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Greetings from Greece, please count me in !

umiami91's picture

Thank you to Black Cat for making this giveaway possible.

KillerQueen's picture

Thank you.

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could use a new black pussy cat to make my system sing.

matthra's picture

I really want to be well-connected. Thanks.

tbromgard's picture

Hope I win

pgrider's picture

I'm in for some tasty new cables.

Hackensack's picture

I'm not a real audiophile, because I spend almost all of my limited time listening to music and not to things like cables, but I have an open mind and would be happy to try them out.......

nomaslarge's picture

So me leave comment

Timcognito's picture

for MegaMillions

DenisCharlebois's picture

I want to participate in your black cat sweepstake

avanti1960's picture

Submitted for your selection....

Schmidlapper's picture

If I won. Which now I actually stand a chance of.


frankmccullar's picture

I am finally a believer in the improvement of the sound with decent cabling. Adding a good power cable changed the sound of my good system to a great system. Send me these interconnects and maybe it will get even better.

nonoise's picture

Nothing like another set of cables to try out and this time, from a well respected designer who actually makes them himself, from scratch.

srdykes's picture

...for my new basement rig!

bigasherm's picture

I need new cables like I need a hole my head, but I want them! If I win I will have some more toys to play with.

svollmer's picture

Count me in; these look really nice.

projectcookie's picture

Here's my chance

JasonT's picture

I just got to get me some

jamesk's picture

Its been a while since the last sweepstakes. Could use some strings.

sharksfan's picture

Would love to see what a matched set of cables would do for my system

countbasie's picture

never tried these cables before. can’t wait to demo at home

James.Seeds's picture

Can't believe I fell for this again

James.Seeds's picture

Can't believe I fell for this again.

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Sounds good!

KevinF7777's picture

As a site dedicated to audio, I have to say it's surprising that I had to use someone with sight to register.

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Can't wait to hook them up

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Ready to win some CATS!

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I could use a good day.
thank you

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This'll go great with my ear ringing.

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Yay cables

panikos's picture

i feel lucky!

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Would love to get my hands on these!

plevy25's picture

Love to hear how these cables sound in my system!'s picture

I need those.

mememe2's picture

These would be great in my new listening room

Dick James's picture

I hope I win

SridharPoli's picture

Count me in but I am from India though

caesar0010's picture

I bet they are great.

dmineard HT's picture

They look good and sound great. Please pick me.

airforceteacher's picture

Waiting on a new integrated amp, will need cables for my audio player

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I’d like some spiffy new cables.

prof's picture

Cables? Yeah. Cables!

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Hook me up please!


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Hook me up!

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I would love to try these in my system!

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Give me the opportunity to win! I’m in!

radtoad11's picture

Way to go.... win new cables !!!!

Gwaaron's picture

Rebuilding a system, so great addition

invaderzim's picture

If it's free, it's for me.

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Count me in

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I'm in.

zen2000's picture

The cables look like they are well made.

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Sign me up please!

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Count me in please!

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These look superb.

dfh's picture

fingers crossed!

robrector's picture

Nice looking cables .... congrats to the winner, which won't be me :)

barrows's picture

I am in!
Chris makes some good stuff, still have an XV-2 SPDIF cable here which gets occasional use.

Nigel1's picture

For the chance

Bluejimbop's picture

New cables.

Michael.Chernay's picture

Not sure this is what my wife meant by new cat, but let's go for it!

DetroitVinylRob's picture

Isn’t Chris, family, and company now relocated to Kanagawa prefecture, Japan? Kombanwa

leebert0711's picture

Really hope I can try them out with my new 2 channel setup

Kramth's picture

I want to give these a try.

restlesspictures's picture

Just added a new amp, need new cables.

Audiophillenial's picture

Younger guy getting into the hobby, would love to win and build out my system!