HRT Stage

Last year I liked these HRT (High Resolution Technologies) Stage loudspeakers ($500/pair, plus $800 for companion Sound Anchor stands), and this year I love them. They're the same very pro-audio-style modular loudspeaker—you can assemble them in multiple pairs for more power output in larger rooms—but this year, two pairs combined sounded perfectly large and super-articulate playing Mahler's Symphony 3 conducted by Zubin Mehta (on Decca). What was most impressive was the easy way the $500 HRT Stage integrated amp/DAC drove these little beauties.

A good measure of the ease and resolution I heard from this system might be credited to the Kuzma Stabi M turntable ($19,225) with 4-Point tonearm ($8995) and Kuzma CAR-30 MC cartridge ($3200). No matter what the price of the amp and speaker, your source can never be too good—right?

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Is this a typo?

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Did you forget where you are? :)

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I own a set of HRT Stage and absolutely love them! I only wished they could play a bit louder.
Then you wrote:
"you can assemble them in multiple pairs for more power output in larger rooms"
This gets me interested in buying a second set!
But would it not mess with their excellent soundstage and depth?!?

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$1500 system
2 pair of Stage speakers at $500/pair.
1 Stage Control Center at $500.
Control Center consists of a robust power amplifier, a USB DAC, a preamplifier, a sub-out, and with wireless remote (NOT IR).
What is truly remarkable about Stage is it's sheer versatility.
Conventionally (near-field OR free-space), or with 2, 4 and even 8 pairs utilized. I've heard all of said iterations.
This is a serious high fidelity playback system. Regardless of cost.

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Thanks for your reply. This is really interesting.
So, one control center can manage to drive at least two sets of speakers? Paralleled or in series?
And would you place the speaker's next to each other or vertical with tweeters meeting like a D'appolito of sorts? How did they do it at CES? Thanks!

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Hi all, I am the HRT distributor; it is possible to get more output from the Stage system if you install and use upStage firmware that can be found on the HRT site. You can run up to 4 speakers per channel with one Stage amp if you wire them in series-parallel. I am currently using 8 speakers per side with a Plinius amp (to get more power) and I will have this configuration playing music in 4032 at the upcoming RMAF 2018.