KEF Meets Porsche in California

In late August, I attended the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion and Car Week at Weathertech Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, California. Porsche sponsored its own "Porsche Werks Reunion" at the nearby Corral De Tierra Country Club.

Walking around the golf course, I stumbled on a pair of KEF Blade Two speakers in the middle of a field of rare Porsche 911s, from the earliest 1965 model 356 to the latest 2018 GT-3RS. Anthony Hrehowsik, KEF USA's Operations Manager, explained that the company partnered with Porsche to offer both the Blade ($32,999/pair) and the Blade Two ($24,999/pair) loudspeakers in paint-to-sample Porsche car colors. The Blade Two speakers on display had been painted to match the shade of blue Porsche created for the 60 examples of its 2015 Porsche 911 Club Coupe (version 991.1), released to honor of the Porsche Club of America (PCA)'s 60th Anniversary.

Up to now, the car's "Club Blau" paint color has only appeared on those 60 vehicles. One of the lucky 2015 911 Club Coupe owners parked his car next to the Blade Twos, proving that the Blade Two's color match-to-sample was perfect. Both Blade and Blade Two speakers can be ordered in a Porsche car color for a 10% upcharge.

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Awesome setting, JA could have run some anechoic measurements!

Maybe I can get some LS 50s in Volkswagen blue.


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How about some Blades in Ferrari red? :-) .........

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I would imagine those 56 foot long 20Hz waves have enough room to travel without bumping into something :-) ........

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The thing is, if I had the Blade in my living room in Porsche colour and didn't have the car in the garage, I'd be telling my friends that I'm short on cash, and how would that look?

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That would qualify you as an authentic audiophile :-) .........

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Does KEF realize that Porsche 911 Cars don't sound all that wonderful, maybe even horrible.

On the other hand, a Porsche Admirer can realize that he could probably buy one of these Cars for the price of a pair of KEF loudspeakers. Hmm, an already fully depreciated Porsche for the Price of a pair of loudspeakers?

Tony in Michigan

ps. KEF might attract a few Old Geezer buyers by exhibiting at a Lincoln Exhibit, Lincolns sound nice and soooooothing

ps.2 Porsche just set a New Record at Nuremberg with their latest 911 GT3 ( $145,000 ish )

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"There is nothing like a Rolls - nothing - not even a Bentley"

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in the absurdist world of director Jacques Tati's great 1958 film MON ONCLE.
PS- if you haven't seen the film, it's brilliant and funny.
PSS-I've never heard either Blade model so don't please take this as a knock on their sonic attributes which I am sure are many.

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At (the) THE SHOW a few years ago, KEF played both the Blade and LS 50. The way the room was set up, I preferred the LS 50, so that's a win!

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Just to say that IMHO England is lucky to be home to some of the finest manufacturers in the world and particularly where I live, in Sussex. Spendor in Hailsham, Harbeth in Lindfield, B&W in Worthing and Vivid and Audio Note in Partridge Green.

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Not forgetting A&R Cambridge either. ARCAM. Although they are now owned by Samsung and part of the Harman group of companies.

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Q: Why did the Siamese twins move to England? .......

A: Because, the other one can drive :-) ..........

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Q: What did George Washington say to the British? ........

A: Brexit :-) ............