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Doubts about Luxman M-200, E-250, and DA-250...

Greetings to all!

I'm considering assemble a Luxman vinyl playback amplification system...

Please, anyone have experience with the Power Amp Luxman M-200, Phono Preamp E-250, and also with the DAC DA-250? and can help me to solve some doubts about this equipments working together?

Anyone experienced use the phono preamp E-250 together with power amp M-200?

Please, share your thoughts about the performance...

i assuming that due the code names of this devices, they were designed to be used together, so, will work in synergy, is that right?

Another thing:

Suppose that i would like to have a volume control before the power amp, the DA-250 will work as a control line preamp? 

I'm in doubt about this, because for what i understood, the DA-250 was designed primarily to digitalize music, but this equipment also have a line high quality preamp?

If yes, using this device as a control pre amplifier, (not using DAC function), he still will "digitalize" the signal from my vinyl? 

I will achieve more sound quality on my vinyl playback with just the E-250 + M-200 on the signal chain? (without the DA-250?)

I see that Luxman have a whole line called Control Amplifiers... much more expensive equipments, i wondering if using the DA-250 just to have a volume control before the power amp, will in fact degrade the sound quality...

There's a lot of questions, sorry for extend me so much, i hope that i was clear..

Many thanks to ALL! :)

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As far as

I am not familiar with Luxman's line though I know they make very good equipment and you should feel confident that they will deliver superior sound quality so long as you like the sound profile they provide.

My experience is that the built in preamps that are part of DACs are inferior to a standalone. This may not be universally true but I have a PS Audio Directstream DAC which is a spectacular unit that has a preamp out. I compared it to my Ayre K-5xeMP and it didn't require more than a few seconds to tell that it was clearly inferior to the the Ayre pre.

The Ayre unit is not inexpensive so I swapped in an old Carver I have lying around just for poops and giggles and my 24 year old Carver sounded better. I have several good friends who have higher end and lower end gear from a variety of brands and we universally agree that we have yet to hear a preamp in a DAC that is quite up to the same level as a good standalone preamp. I won't say they don't exist or it isn't possible, just that we haven't heard one.

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Dear bluenote64,

You made this post over a year ago so I'm not holding my breath for a reply, but I was wondering - did you go for the Luxman combination you were referring to or not? I only ask because I've had the DA-250 for a year and have just added the E-250 and an LP12 and am now thinking about power amps. I had really hoped that Luxman would have updated the M-200 to an M-250 by now but there's no sign of that happening, so I'm considering just getting an M-200 like you were.

How did it work out? Or did you opt for something else?

Kind regards,

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