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Rafe new Innerfidelity no headphone rig?
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KeithyD wrote:

I checked out new InnerFidelity's Rafe Arnott's gear on the AudioStream page and see no evidence of a headphone rig? I hope this is not true. On a side note the statement by Paul Miller on the IF web page reads like a "head's up" of business speak which makes me really nervous: "We are very excited about this appointment and the opportunity it presents for the growth of these connected websites. Headphone and computer audio enthusiasts can look forward to in-depth reviews from our regular contributors, supported by world-class test and measurement from industry veterans including ex-AES UK Chairman Keith Howard. We also believe the time has come for specialty audio to realize a broader audience, and Rafe will be driving our engagement with these media savvy consumers through innovative lifestyle features tied to an enhanced social campaign." "Excited", "appointment", "opportunity", "realize a broader audience, engagement", "innovative", "campaign". There is already a giant website for this sort of thing and it's Head-Fi. I want brutal honesty here. JA bench tests, Bob Katz reviews etc. Bring on Kevin Gilmore for some real insight for equipment and then we are talking.

Well, in spite of Tyll being backed by Stereophile, his approach was really a narrower and somewhat more expert version of head-fi, head-case, and other such sites. I sent Tyll the first headphones he tested for Innerfidelity, and I've produced nearly as many reviews myself. The great thing about Tyll, putting aside the charts and graphs for the moment, was how accurately he described the sound of each headphone. Now to be honest, you had to read between the lines on each of his reviews, because the colorful language and euphemisms wouldn't read so accurately to someone not familiar with his jargon.

I read the introductory information on the new guy, and I think it's going to be very positive. Growth and change can be tough in any business, especially a business that's already as volatile as headphones. Stay tuned.

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