Murray Head's Nigel Lived 2-Disc 45 RPM Set Sweepstakes

Register to win a copy of Murray Head's Nigel Lived 2-Disc 45 RPM Set from Intervention Records (retail value $38) we are giving away.

According to the company:

Murray Head's Nigel Lived is a groundbreaking classic and one of the boldest, most daring and inventive albums of all time. Recorded by the great recording engineer Phill Brown, Nigel Lived is from the golden era of all-analog recording, a sonic and musical masterpiece that every music lover and audiophile simply must have.

Nigel Lived is an ambitious, experimental album full of great songs that required stunningly diverse recording techniques and instrumentation on every track. There are beautiful acoustic works that draw a straight line to Murray's later albums like "Ruthie" and "When You Wake Up In The Morning," there are straight-up rockers and amazingly innovative tracks like "Religion" and the sprawling "Junk."


Nigel Lived was mastered directly from recording engineer Phill Brown's 1/4" 15-ips analog tapes from 1972. Phill was gracious enough to let Intervention and CoHEARent Audio's Kevin Gray cut directly from these beautiful-sounding tapes. Intervention early on made the decision that Nigel's re-release had to be a double LP set at 45 RPM to preserve the magnificent sonics Murray, Phill and Co. put on tape and make the best-sounding Nigel possible.

Nigel's original vinyl release was very challenging to cut with side 1 at over 22 minutes and side 2 at an amazing 27 minutes of run time! There's no doubt, especially on side 2, that levels had to be dropped, and the bass had to be filtered on the original LP. Our 45 RPM cuts required no comprimises of any kind, so people today can hear Nigel at his best on his 45th birthday!

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Thanks :-)

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Yes please!

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the sound of masters on vinyl, great way to spend a lifespan

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Would like to have.

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Played it on Tidal and I really like it.

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I will play this one night, in Bangkok!

I'm already making plans for Nigel. I only want what's best, for him.

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Thanks for the heads-up...

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Submitted for your approval.

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I love Intervention records. Looks like a fun release.

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I'll take one. Don't mind if I do...

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I've not heard this album and a good vinyl copy would be nice.

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I love a good master recording on vinyl. I am ready to enjoy. Hope you pick my entry. Thanks for the opportunity.

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Love to add Nigel Lived to my LP collection!

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I'd like to win it.

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I haven't got any 45rpm LPs in several years. These would be great!

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that it sounds 1/3 better at 78 rpm and in mono because I have yet to upgrade to this modern stereo technology.

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I'd love to hear this @ 45 rpm.

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Need some new music, and winning a free copy would be even better. Duh!

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...from my Murray Head collection: I'd love this!

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I'm ready to listen

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I've not heard this album so look forward to winning it.

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I'm a subscriber since 1984 so the criterion for selecting the winner should be loyalty to the magazine. Shall I grovel some more?

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Great music from a great musician. Nothing not to like about this.

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So how many discs are there?

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...and so do hopes of winning.

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Give me headphones :)

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I'd sure like to take these for a spin.

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Now that's a nice gift.

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Just hooking up my new Clearaudio Performance DC turntable this weekend, so this would be a dandy disc to test on it!

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After all that has been happening lately, I could use some good news!