The Doctor Is In!

Weird as it sounds, I was the kid who liked going to the pediatrician, not only because I got to see my sister literally climb the walls of his office trying to escape a flu shot, but because there was a stack of Jack and Jill magazines there. While the other kids were playing with wooden toys covered with generations of dried slobber, I was laughing at corny jokes, doing puzzles and reading all the short stories that other kids sent in. It's no wonder I ended up in this profession.

As an adult magazine editor, going to the doctor's office is now like going to the airport, a voyage of discovery. What publications do they have? Any current issues? Which get read and which, to use an LP-centric term, are unplayed?

Most doctor's offices have worn out, five-month-old copies of People and Us lying around. Imagine my surprise then when I walked into the waiting room of my physician, Dr. Sidney Stein, and there atop a modest pile of mags was a reasonably current issue of Stereophile. Yes, Dr. Stein subscribes and is a dedicated audiophile. Needless to say, I thanked the good doctor for the wonderful exposure! More readers are good.

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Let's ask the doctor if it's his or a customer dropped it off. I've had doctors comment on my watches and cameras, but not on headphones I've walked in with. It's difficult to carry the turntable and speakers with me, so there's no opportunity for comment on those, although I'd bet most of them do have good audio systems.

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Let's ask the doctor if it's his or a customer dropped it off.

As Robert mentioned, Dr. Stein, who happens to be the best and most thorough doctor I've ever visited, is indeed a longtime audiophile and subscriber. Copies of Stereophile can be found throughout his office. A visit is never complete without a detailed recap of the latest and greatest in hi-fi.

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I am sure the good doctor can afford anything in your fine publication...

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So that's where I left it.....

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The only person I know who is into stereo stuff is my doctor. This is also the only person who ever sticks their finger up my butt. I think this is just a coincidence.

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Every good audiophile should have a 'digital' exam every so often.

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Ooooh my! That one was painful, my eyes still hurt from the extreme eyeroll, lol.

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My cardiologist is the only one I know of for stereo stuff. There is an engineer at work, that is into custom home theater. He builds enclosures and other theater features.

christophervalle's picture his waiting room has copies of magnetic FIELD & bitSTREAM.

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Where I go, Highlights!

Turns out I'm Goofus.

The Timbertoes and The Bear Family rock!


Man, you should see what they keep lying around at the barber shop!


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"Man, you should see what they keep lying around at the barber shop!"

Stereophile has been publishing nude pics of audio equipment since 1962. Some of the close-ups are even quite explicit.

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A Good Doctor- indeed.