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Klipsch RP280F or Tannoy XT 8F

Hello everyone,
I'm looking forward to buy a pair of loud speakers.
At the moment I have a Denon AVR 3805 amp and Denon DVD 3910.
I listen to contemporary jazz (fourplay, Manu Katche, Richard Bona), techno and sometimes rock.
I'm seriously thinking between Tannoy XT 8F and Klipsch RP280F.
In the future I am planning to upgrade to 5.2 system even though I listen to music 9/10 compared to movies or concerts.
Looking forward to see your opinions! Thank you!

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Klipsch RP-280F

I haven't get the chance to own Tannoy but I can vouch for the RP-280. My SVS is taking dust right now. They can take anything thrown at them. Even without a Sub, my neighbors called my Aunt several time. I was amazed how they said the bass is too much for them handle when I didn't even turn my Sub on. Mids and highs are excellent with good imaging. You won't be disappoint especially being sensitive speakers as compared to Tannoy

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Tannoy endorsement

I don't know if you've already made your decision, but I bought a pair of the Tannoy XT 8F speakers last year after auditioning several different options and am extremely happy with their sound—a great balance of muscle and detail that suits my record collection quite nicely. My only nagging issue is the way they look—which is, admittedly, an issue of personal taste (though, in most cases, so is the sound), but they're a bit larger than I'd like and I'd prefer some other finish options, none of which really fit in my home.

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