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power cable project

over the last few months we designed & built various pc's (power cables)

some were hand wound from various types of spool wire including pure cooper, silver tinned cooper & various gauges.
various jackets, shielding were also used.

some were just commercially available finished cable like Cardas & Neotech, which we terminated with plug-ends.

various plug-end terminals, from solid cooper to rhodium, to silver or gold plated cooper were used.

others were fully assembled audio brand, Signal Cable & Nodost,

four of us did a double blind evaluation with the help of a V tolerant & understanding wife of one of the participants.

each of the 12 cables was evaluated as we played snippets of 6 different tracks of muisc varying from orchestral, techno, jazz, a Capella, et, al.

the tricky part, as found after the test, was that rating the cables performance was somewhat difficult from the standpoint of individual tastes.
for example while a cable would display obvious differences, those differences may have been pleasing to some, but considered deficient to others.

any way, we learned a lot.
about how complicated developing a test plan is along with an evaluation criteria is, to how much & little difference there can be between cost & overall performance.

we are going to spend a few weeks analyzing the data & modifying the testing methodology, then give it another go.

 photo 20170325_201308_zpsr2qijlyk.jpg

 photo 20170325_201256_zpsxjqb8ipu.jpg

 photo 20170325_183507_zpsooqjxkuz.jpg

btw, the guys obliged this crusty old fart (me) by constructing a sort of 'baseline' style cable design.
it was made from Ag/Cu wire & used cryo'ed silver terminal plugs.
each wire was separated & held by maple blocks, with the ground leg (green) run in the middle position.

it was this cable that all of the participants (including me) rated dead last!

 photo 517b607e-92c8-4e17-9885-a044089ac14a_zpslpwmp7qr.jpg

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one quite surprising detail

one quite surprising detail regarding our testing.....
we used a PerfectWave P10 Power Plant.
it takes the AC input, converts to DC, then back to a 'clean' AC 60 Hz sine wave.
we inserted the power cables between the wall & the P10 & still were easily able to recognize differences.

the equipment we used for the testing was B&W 802 D2 speakers, the Classé CA-M400 mono-blocks & CP-800 pre, & the Bricasti M1 DAC fed by Dan's custom-built NAS music sever.

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The loosercable

Intersesting. What kind of configuration is the absolute looser-cable?

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