AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones ($699.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

A direct descendant of AudioQuest's award-winning NightHawk headphone, the closed-back NightOwl Carbon replaces its predecessor's biomimetic sound-diffusing grille with an intelligently designed aperiodic damping system for excellent isolation of external noise, ensuring privacy for the listener and those nearby.

NightOwl ships with two sets of earpads—Protein Leather Boost Pads for slightly enhanced treble clarity and Ultrasuede pads for slightly reduced bass impact—and includes a high-performance, non-microphonic cable with discrete mic/smartphone controls that enable phone calls and playback functions (Play, Pause, Skip) without compromising sound quality.

NightOwl's distinct packaging is actually an attractive travel case made of genuine leather, featuring a thickly padded internal compartment and accommodations for various headphone accessories. With NightOwl, AudioQuest hopes headphone enthusiasts will feel inspired to listen longer, later, and with greater pleasure, enjoying unsurpassed comfort and deep immersion in music, videos, and games.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

Dick James's picture

I hope I win.

Oldaudioguy's picture

Looks like a big improvement over the Nighthawks. Would love to have a pair

trainman6446's picture

Would like to add them to my equipment rack.

boMD's picture

Would go great with my Dragonfly!

cclay's picture

Sounds great

Keyur's picture

Night owl is just right !!

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

Bixby's picture

I like winning good-sounding gear.

badboy07's picture

It's my turn! I promise I've been good enough to deserve these!

Ragamuffin's picture

The Silk Spectre approves.

markbrauer's picture

use these

mrvalve's picture

Wow these seem really progressive. I would love to use these at work. I am fortunate enough to have a very heads down job and can focus with headphones on.

tlayman's picture

The perfect thing to replace my ear buds!

CBrentC's picture

Would love to win

SpinMark3313's picture

Please, please!

rbmcmusic's picture

These look cool. would love to find out first hand how they sound!

Anton's picture

I'm feeling lucky!

dburna's picture

....trying these at my house.

trumbldw's picture

Love the look!

Gabyb's picture

Sign me up!

maelob's picture

I want them please

JGonzo's picture

no 7 or 11...

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

bengl3rt's picture

Joined just for this! Love some nice headphones, and love all my audioquest cables

MrGneiss's picture

My turn to Win!! :-D

Jeffstudio's picture

AudioQuest cables - check.
Audioquest Dragonfly - check.
AudioQuest NightOwl Carbon Headphones - (what I need next)

chanabijoy's picture

because my wife would never let me pay $700 for headphones.

bassetized's picture

love to win a pair!

claycomb's picture


kind-of-blue's picture

Sorry guys,that`s mine! ;-)

imanpaul's picture

count me in.

Ivor Darcy's picture

Sure would be nice to win. Been away from high end audio for 30 years and just bought a whole bunch of new components. Would be great to add a set of excellent headphones too!

dcaplan's picture

Those seem perfect, it would be nice to win!

matt_zak's picture

I hope to win!

jimtavegia's picture

These would be great in my studio to help with mixing and mastering.

krahbeknudsen's picture

I hope I win!

bertdw's picture

I'd love to hear these.

vrax's picture

...would be a hoot! I promise to feed it good Schiit.

Mrjonestas's picture

These look just the ticket to lay back, relax and drift away to the sounds of my ever expanding cd collection on Friday nights.

mmole's picture

My brother is rooting hard for me. If I win, he gets my Nighthawks.

PJDubyaM's picture

Been running the originals since launch, and I love them. Would love the updated version!

PAR's picture

Having an "intelligently designed aperiodic damping system" implies that there may be an unintelligently designed one. Is this available as an option?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Having an "intelligently designed aperiodic damping system" implies that there may be an unintelligently designed one. Is this available as an option?

Yes, but not from AudioQuest. ;)

Stephen Mejias

PAR's picture

Touché :-)

Mischko's picture

Would love to have them with my Dragonfly Red / Jitterbug combo :)

thorongil's picture

I'd love to win a pair!

duskdrums's picture

Hope to win!

erict's picture

Mine, mine, mine....

BigA's picture

I look good in black headphones.

tempsdecrire's picture


mrnebby's picture

are the best

douglas882's picture

...that would be a nice addition to my Dragonfly Black.

mktackabery's picture

The addition of a leather travel case really makes these headphones something highly desirable!

Euler's picture

I hope I win, but all the same I wish everyone the best of luck!

leec's picture

I'll take them

dhassler00's picture

Winner winner chicken dinner

Anon2's picture

Comment duly placed to establish my eligibility for the drawing.

spivechild's picture

throw my name in the hat!

volvic's picture

Yes yes yes! need badly!

zen2000's picture

The look nicely made. Would love to win them.

otaku's picture

or have too many headphones.

tro2892's picture

Would love to win them !

JohnBal's picture

I would love these...

w1000i's picture

I saved a lot to get DAC/AMO chord mojo and I don't have a good headphone :/ , but if this Owl comes, OMG

BradleyP's picture I need these beautiful AQ headphones to keep me company during those long, late nights at my desk. I'll bet my DragonFly Black will drive them just fine.

RBrooks's picture

A win would perfect to begin 2017

Jim C.'s picture

I could use another good pair of closed back cans.

hondo's picture

Great prize for someone.

robrector's picture

Would be cool to have.

katie's picture

This is my comment right here on this announcement. It's not profane or spam. Then, when the sweepstakes closes, I hope to be the lucky commenter chosen at random to receive the prize.

mememe's picture

Hope this is the one time I actually win something! Please - let it be me.

Nova's picture

Hope I win! What a great pair of headphones.

cnaka's picture

1 Nighthowl please

zoltanvarga's picture

I would be happy to have them!

steve21's picture

I'd love to win those new Nighthawks!

Bigbird's picture

I will love to have one of these Headphone

Olmaivaggi's picture

my neighbours will be so happy if i winn

beachbeaver's picture

I need these NIGHTOWL headphones for when I cannot sleep. Please help.

Patster11's picture

Love Audioquest products. Use the cables and Dragonfly

fourpobs's picture

Looks like my listening room will become a playroom for the kiddies so nice cans would be good for my sanity!

happyfunball's picture

Audioquest makes great stuff. Would love these for work.

Chet Roe's picture

Ah Yes

alexk's picture

Would like.

papermill55's picture


bierfeldt's picture

Would love to win this

jporter's picture

My current closed back headphones are Sennheiser HD 380 pros. It would be interesting to see if these are worth the extra $570.

jhanken's picture

Hope these find their way to me, could use some good luck these days!

audiowizard's picture


vuckozagi's picture

They sounded really nice when I tried them.

j.l.r's picture


walrus's picture

Yes please!

noamgeller's picture

Good luck to everyone

Gnib's picture

At least I hope

harmaphonic's picture

... my turn to win? Ok, I accept!

Chervotkin's picture

Nice one!

Nuz1's picture

Great Contest!

taipan254's picture


Pat - I'd like to solve the puzzle.


Stirrio's picture

...and I couldn't hear a thing.

I suspect I missed a necessary piece of hardware.

CaptainVinyl1's picture

Need me some new cans

mountainview's picture

Really nice headphones!

zsteir's picture

I'm on a quest for AudioQuest headphones. Now I just need luck.

kana813's picture

I'll give them a good home on Maui.

mrpeeve55's picture

Are they balanced? Send them anyway.

kchamblin's picture

I really need these.

JimmyJam's picture

I can hear them now

unhinged17's picture

They are beautiful and I hope I win them!

giganticnorskie's picture

I would like those headphones to cradle my skull.

SteveM324's picture

I need a great sounding closed headphone to complement my Night Hawks. The NightOwl would be a perfect fit.

jcbever's picture

Looks great, would love to own a pair

CThru's picture

Thank you!

tarichar's picture

Thanks for the opportunity.

kandrew's picture

Would love to win these!

JML's picture

Hope I win 'em. Would like to have a pair at work.

Wguyll's picture

As above.

nomaslarge123's picture


noirx7's picture

These look great!

torturegarden's picture

I love their cables, would love to try out their headphones.

Glotz's picture

Another great sweepstakes.

jjgr's picture


IamBB's picture

ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would look great on my ears!

aisoundwerx's picture

I would gladly accept this kingly gift.

HJC001's picture

Love the magazine. Respect Audioquest. Hope I win: neighbors n spouse need a break from my "music" late at night after work.

ssorg's picture

I would like these headphones

jsax050's picture

A friend of mine recently picked up a pair of Nighthawks and I've been dying for a pair of my own since. These would certainly do the trick!

Steamer88's picture

Pick me! Pick me!

gdinderman's picture

Here's hoping that I win a pair!

hongrn's picture

They're Mine!!!

es347's picture

..winning! Pick me, pick me! :)

hisbloodyproject's picture

I wonder what they sound like

ohiobob's picture

Hope I win!!!

AndySingh's picture

John Darko reviewed these headphones and was mighty impressed. If I win these, I might find out why.

mauidj's picture

and mahalo for the cans!

Mrubey's picture

For these opportunities

GopherFan's picture

winning those new cans.

donkin's picture

Heard wonderful things about these.

Lennybownas's picture

I could definitely use them, my Sennheisers bit the dust last year...

finnemga's picture

... until you contact me to tell me I've won. :)

Ixtayul's picture

I'll take a pair.

martian's picture

These would certainly be a step up. Well, more like a flight of stairs up.

spyder1's picture

I want one!

Pookahontas's picture

He who is concerned with eternal things is in no hurry.

jmoore2333's picture

Maybe I'll find it here

Steeven's picture

Nice headphone i would love to own this

MAbx's picture

Wow, it looks good. I bet it will sound even better!!!

MJ's picture

Saw this offer while helping a friend research the purchase of a network streamer.

Longbluesquid's picture

This would be amazing to win some Nightowls

prof's picture

Mais oui!

Bluejimbop's picture

Lots of construction vehicles driving around my neighborhood these days. Need I say more?

Lille Ciel's picture

Good luck everyone!

texanalog's picture

Entered! Thanks for the chance.