The Rockport Atria II

Musical Surroundings' impressive setup included the new entry-level Rockport Atria II loudspeaker ($26,500/pair). More efficient than its predecessor thanks to a new tweeter waveguide—itself trickled down from the top of the line, and intended to create a more uniform dispersion pattern and allow for better driver integration—the speaker has also been re-voiced. "It sounds radically different," said Musical Surroundings' Garth Leerer. Alas, without knowing how many more rooms I had to visit before flying home, I simply had too many unknowns ahead to pause long enough for a decent audition.

Anton's picture

My 16 year old does yard work, saving for an entry level hi fi.

Thanks, Rockport!

Jesus! Even my spouse guffawed!

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The Atria has been at the top of my favorite "largely in the realm of reason" floorstanders for several years. I'll be interested to hear how Version 2 sounds.

They are expensive, though; especially since the Wilson Audio Sabrina likely competes very well at some $10,000 less. As for entry-level, I don't know; maybe better to say that the Atria II and Sabrina mark the point at which the curve of diminishing returns goes practically vertical.