The Meze 99 Classics Headphones Sweepstakes

Register to win a pair of Meze 99 Classics Headphones ($309.00 Retail Value) we are giving away.

According to the company:

What is it that discards the superfluous, the gimmicky, the flashy, the questionable, the overly fragile, the misplaced? The obvious answer would be time. And this is also the riddle of good design: very few objects achieve such a rarefied consistency of qualities. This is our aim with the Meze 99 Classics, the anti-fragility of a classic, with a sound on par with the design. Pure, natural sound in a timeless body.

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[This Sweepstakes is now closed.]

troutmaskreplica's picture

I would love to win these splendid cans!

CarterBro's picture

Count me in

jrhud's picture

lots of parts

music or sound's picture

I listened to these at the HighEnd in Munich and was very impressed by their sound quality and and comfort.

omgmattdennis's picture

Id love to hear them to find out if they sounds as good as they look!

MeaghanLB's picture

As someone who has only ever owned standard Apple iPhone headphones, these would be a dream come true.

guitarist9273's picture

Yes! I'd love these.

mememe's picture

could use a new pair as my old ones are over15 yrs. old

jporter's picture

I would love to try them out.

Rhinospankr's picture

These would be a welcome addition.

PeterInVan's picture

Most stylish phones I have seen.

RBrooks's picture

looks like a real treat for the ears.

trmntr03's picture

or go to my daughter

mbennett02's picture

I'd love to have these!

hatfieb's picture

I would love to win these as a much needed upgrade.

klatu385's picture

add these phones to my system.

johnmotex's picture

Mine! Mine! Mine! Mine!

Luishcorreia's picture

Me like :)

MJ23's picture

Heard them, love them. Everybody should give thme a try.

Toothfactory's picture

would be an excellent upgrade for almost anyone.

bigasherm's picture

The Meze 99's would sound great and the wood grain finish would match the decor (including my speakers) in my living room. What could be better than that?

mike walters's picture

Nice Cans!

tom133's picture

Now that the larger ear cups are coming, these phones are even more attractive and practical. Wondering how they are like compared to some Grado phones (I had RS1i and GH1 but now only keep SR60).

matthra's picture


ameger's picture

I love Headphones - use them all the time!

clloyd2815's picture

Would love to try them! Need a headphone upgrade-these will work.

otaku's picture

You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too many headphones.

AudioPhill's picture

I am a long time reader, first time poster. The opportunity to win these beautiful headphones was too good to pass up.

Jim C.'s picture

After all, who among us couldn't use a seventh pair of headphones?

Brittles's picture

These are really nice looking and I'll bet they sound awesome!

JH's picture

Can't wait to listen to these!!

imanpaul's picture

they're beautiful. i'm in.

cgh's picture

Everything I write is a comment.

MWaehner's picture


torturegarden's picture

These look quite nice. I'd love to hear them.

mikerr's picture

lookin sexy

harmaphonic's picture

This comment is not profane or spam ;)

m walters's picture

Sweet Sounds

LyleHughes's picture

Beautiful construction!

liuj88's picture

I want it!

Dick James's picture

I hope I win.

dalethorn's picture

I've had Meze, but this one is supposed to be audiophile quality.

kfhaggerty's picture

I hope they sound as good as they look, 'cause I want them.

ohiobob's picture

Sexy looking cans

GANDORF57's picture

Old world style modern technology...AWESOME!!!

wordherder62's picture

I could use these to replace the pair my son appropriated ...

KNAC's picture

These headphones look like they have been handcrafted to the finest detail.

trumbldw's picture

Would love these!

brightonjel's picture

... would love a pair for travel.

alexk's picture

Yes, please.

martian's picture


Nickie B's picture

Yes! I'd love these.

Steamer88's picture

Luck be a lady tonight!

chanabijoy's picture

These would look good on me.

ewalsh's picture

These are beautiful headphones. If they sound as good as they look... Thanks for the chance to hear for myself.

iamwhatiam's picture

I would love to win these headphones

vuckozagi's picture

Pick me

roll3366's picture

I have been reading alot of 'positive' re this Meze wonder. Just wonder if the pads would fit my ears. Hopefully I can try a pair..or if lucky, win this.

kaefaux's picture


n0ct's picture

Classy looking!

peter_964rs's picture

Me too please :)

shrapnel's picture

I love these cans.

MAbx's picture

Bet it will sound good as well.

kind-of-blue's picture

the white ones are really stylish

MrGneiss's picture


NuclearPower's picture


mmole's picture

...I prefer Gould's 1955 Goldbergs.

donunus's picture

Any color will do if I win. Thanks in advance if I am lucky enough to win.

fourpobs's picture

I would love to experience them.

dougsing's picture

I'm up for some new cans!

JohnBal's picture

Count me in!

atbolding's picture

I would totally love to win these.

thompsonjosiah's picture

Need these

wrivard's picture

Yes please

BradleyP's picture

These headphones from Meze are a triumph of modern European design and audio engineering. I want a pair more than I want air.

eburbeck's picture

These look like a perfect fit :)

snorfle's picture

All the foam has left my Stax. Hope to win new phones.

jhwalker's picture

Who wouldn't want to win these? :)

lesliejazz's picture

Would love to win!

Dhan's picture

I need these cans!

mjmacaulay's picture

I would like very much to win these!

jfschum's picture

Nice design on these.

duskdrums's picture


scardeal's picture

It would be very nice.

zen2000's picture

I hope they sound as good as they look

thejameschambers's picture

I would enjoy a solid pair of these high quality noise making machines that would cover my ears and go over my head

PastorBakker's picture

Those look fantastic - would love to hear what they sound like!

joey35000's picture

You have a very good taste! Can you think that this amazing headphones can be beautiful on me?

Best regards,

TomTib's picture

I had the pleasure to speak to Mr. Meze in the Munich "High End" event, it was a great chat, he is a very honest guy.

I tried them out and WOW these headphones sound amazing!! Also the build quality on those are great! Mr. Meze showed me that you can replace every part in these headphones if it becomes somehow broken, like shown in the picture above. That's a great trademark for this relatively new company.

These headphones became easily one of my favorite portable headphones and that's a big achievement!

Highly recommended!!

Wguyll's picture

Paeans For Romp

HBS9's picture

Yes Please!

CarolLB's picture

These headphones would look great on my husband!

markbrauer's picture

and sounding too

funambulistic's picture

Count me in!

Dbk's picture

Please count me in.

paanders's picture

Omigoodness these are lovely. Would love to win and wear!

dburna's picture

Make mine dark, please. :-)))

Cavendish's picture

Here are the first three things I would listen to with these if I won: "La Gigantona", "Gone Away Backward", that recording I made of my next door neighbor yelling weird conspiratorial accusations at his cat.
Ooh, here's hoping.

partain's picture

I could sure use 'em.

thatdarnguy's picture

I would find infinite pleasure in owning this gorgeous pair.

traymona's picture

A comfortable pair of headphones are always welcome

flopjop's picture

Sign me up boss

luvmyhubz's picture

I would love to own a pair of these- stunning style and I bet they give an amazing sound!

Music_Guy's picture

'Love to audition these cans...

jhanken's picture

Would love to try these.

mcdontho's picture

Kool Kans!

BlueSteelAudio's picture

yes please!

zoltanvarga's picture


MtnBeachBum's picture

Would look good in my big head!

Listen Up's picture

my wife will borrow them, permanently!

spyder1's picture

I need this!

mrvalve's picture

I think these would be a pleasant step up from my current headphones.

crenca's picture

perhaps...may it be so... :)

BrentStewart's picture

It is inspiring to see woods used as part of the design - really beautiful.

wow4tr5's picture

I would love to have this baby

JohnnyCNote's picture

You can send them now…

douglas882's picture

What a great contest.... These cans would be just the thing for late night listening!

emeixner's picture

Can't wait to rediscover all of my favorite albums with these great looking headphones.

spivechild's picture

'Phones look great. Wonder how they sound?

Cohnbread's picture

Count me in!

Kerwin's picture

Really interested in hearing these!

d.strohmeier's picture

to finally own a pair of headphones.

boMD's picture

One entry please!

Staceycole62452's picture

I hope I win I need a good set of headphones

MisterK's picture

Would love those!

cttstar's picture

I would love to win!

gdupont's picture

can't wait to try them!

Roxie's picture

I came here from Jana's twitter. Maybe I'll pick one of these up even if I dont win the contest.

jahill18's picture


egronenthal's picture


blackmore's picture


Voltes_5's picture

excellent looking design that makes you want to wear on your head and listen to music

Zap's picture

Sign me up, great looking 'phones

krahbeknudsen's picture

Yes, please

Brankin's picture

Looks great!

gprime's picture

I could not pass up the chance to win these. I've been curious about them based on all the good reviews.

Jackblues's picture

Send them this way

zentiger's picture

Gimme headphones!

zentiger's picture

Gimme headphones!

dominiquejames's picture

A beautiful headphone!

Aero's picture

Walnut Silver Please

afloydfreak's picture

Yes plzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

afloydfreak's picture

yesssssssss plzzzzzzzzzz

Al the lion's picture

Love to try one out ...

Alim's picture

I heard these two months ago, they sounded nice.

wudze's picture

Kilroy was here.

bigsausagepizza's picture

Would love to add these beautiful cans to my collection!

ezehead's picture

I wan't those cans so bad



Bill R's picture

Great looking headphones! My neighbors would really appreciate the peace and quiet.