Finally, Child Alice via Kickstarter

Some of my recent delights have come from recordings by BMOP, the Boston Modern Orchestra Project, under the direction of Gil Rose. Many have been released on excellent multichannel SACDs and let me discover wonderful new music by Lisa Bielawa, In medias res, and by Derek Bermel, Voices). I have also re-discovered important music in new modern recordings like George Antheil's Ballet Mécanique (BMOP/sound 1033, SACD) and the symphonies of Lukas Foss (BMOP/sound 1043, 2-SACD).

So I was thrilled to hear that BMOP had recorded their highly praised performance of David Del Tredici's Child Alice, a sprawling romantic work for soprano and orchestra. I greatly enjoy his Final Alice, Alice Symphony, and In Memory of a Summer Day (part one of Child Alice) for which Del Tredici won a Pulitzer Prize but there has never been a complete recording of Child Alice. For a taste of Del Tredici's Alice music, think of Mahler's soaring and powerful melodic expression with hints of Copland!

So here's your chance to help us all hear this thrilling performance (I have heard portions) as a two-disc hybrid-SACD set. BMOP has established a KickStarter effort to fund the production and release of what the Boston Globe headlined as "Rose, BMOP wax ecstatic in glorious, unsettling 'Alice'."

Please go to now and we will all be able to enjoy Child Alice soon. Any and all contributions will help achieving the goal of $14,800 by April 30.

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This is a great project. I hope people will respond.

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A big thank-you to those who have contributed. The goal was reached last night!