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Precision CNC/Laser Machining (updated)

WG is using the latest in Datron CNC machines, Kern Lasers, Zund Plotters and Vision Router/Engravers to get the job done. Using industry standard equipment enables us to generate the best output with the tightest tolerances.

Hello everyone, just got connected to Stereophile and wanted to announce to everyone that WG, Inc., in Wisconsin, has the CNC and Laser capabilities to augment your production needs.

We're talking Circuit Boards, Face plates, Top plates, etc.

We consistently do prototyping on all type of projects, Aluminum CNC, Laser etching, Decals, etc.

Here's our contact info:

Marc Wildeman, WG, Inc.

Neenah, WI


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He insisted on diversity and

He insisted on diversity and high quality because he believes these are the two things that are specific to his business. But any other company that deals with precision CNC machining knows there are other components as important as these ones, such as: longevity, delivery and of course price. If it’s affordable and respects the quality standards, there’s no reason you can’t rely on that company.

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