AVM MP 3.2 and 6.2 Media/CD Player

AVM stands for Audio Video Manufaktur, and the company has been in the US for five years. I write this because every time I enter their room at CES I forget that I've seen them before and think, oh a new company. I'm not sure why that is, but to set the record straight (at least in my mind), they have a very full line of products with several new digital sources of note.

AVM has three lines of products ascending in quality and price: Inspiration, Evolution, and Ovation. Pictured above is the Evolution MP3.2 Media Player with built-in Teac CD transport that handles PCM up to 24/192 and DSD64. There are six digital inputs, digital volume control, iOS and Android apps and Tidal integration.

The 3.2 is available now for $6,600 and its higher end sibling, the slightly taller MP6.2 will be available this month for $11,500. The more expensive version can handle up to 32/354 PCM and DSD128.

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Purchased my AVM 6 months ago. Has been in for service 3 times. I've been reading blogs about AVM and I am not the only one with tech issues. Frankly I regret the purchase.


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Like Keith, I purchased an AVM product, and it came packaged VERY well(as well as any product I have ever seen). Played well for awhile, then got an error signal, and after my dealer contacted the factory, found that it was a fuse issue. So my dealer and I figured that I could replace the bad fuse. So after I opened the unit to find the info on the fuses we found out all the fuses were the wrong value. In addition I found a melted plastic part where it appeared someone had touched it with a soldering iron. Let my dealer know that I was unhappy about the whole thing and made plans to go with a different maker. The dealer sent this to AVM and they contacted me w/ an apology and regretted this happening to me and said they would like the chance to make me happy. So I sent them a reply and said I would be willing to listen to their offer. I never heard back from them so I went with another maker. I don't think AVM is a bad company, I'm tending to believe it was just an unfortunate situation. I think AVM products are pretty well designed, but they might want to keep a little better eye on inspection. I'm at this point very happy with my new unit!

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I know, it has been over 1 year. Nevertheless, I want to say, that I have bought an AVM Audio Evolution CD 5.2 in the summer of 2015 as a demo and I am very happy with it. At first, I had trouble with the Slot In (which drove me nuts for a while). But aside from that, I can't complain. The player works quite well with my Stax SR-009/SRM-007tII set and Kimber XLR 1126. But I can understand the frustration of customers, when purchased devices aren't working/or the way they should. The Stax tube amp had to be repaired in the first 2 years, because there was no output. That happens. I missed the device, got it back and enjoyed it as always. But to be honest, I would probably change the manufacturer when something doesn't turn out the way I hoped in the first place.