Naim's New Mu-so Qb

Like old radios or the console hi-fis of the 1950s and '60s, desktop, countertop, bureau-top, 'wireless music systems' are quickly becoming deluxe objects of conspicuous consumption. "Oh honey—look! Isn't that beautiful!" Competition in this relatively new-old category of home music delivery is mostly driven by industrial design awesomeness. To succeed in the short haul, a wireless music system must be attractive in a way that interior designers and decorators believe will enhance their efforts. To succeed in the longer haul, these products must deliver a quality of sound that satisfies our basic human need to enjoy music in our homes.

Naim Audio's beautiful Mu-so ($1495)—introduced a year ago—delivered on both counts, and like its predecessor, Naim's new Mu-so "Qb" ($995) is a 5-driver, stereo 3-way design (300W total power) that plays music with grace and acuity but with a smaller footprint and a lower price. The Qb's cubic volume accented by its beautiful bulging grills just screams Museum of Modernity and Wholesome Futurism.

The Mu-so Qbs may be used in multiples (up to five) for a synched multi-room experience. They connect in every happening way: Airplay, Bluetooth/aptX, Spotify, Tidal, Internet Radio, USB, UPnP/DLNA, analog and digital inputs, Apple iOS and Android Apps. Looks (and sounds) like a happening scheme to me.

spacehound's picture

At ANY price, from this sub 1000 dollar box up to the $200,000 Statement you won't do better than Naim. And that has been true since they started in the mid 1970s.
The Muso and this new lower priced one? If you are content with what is effectively mono (as ALL single box systems are in reality, despite the many 'stereo' claims) it will be the best available at its price.
I suspect it derives from their 'Naim for Bentley' car audio systems.
I have no connection with Naim other than as a customer. Also not all my equipment is Naim, though with the exception of my large Tannoy speakers in one room and Martin-Logan Electromotions in another it likely will be eventually.
ALSO. Naim is one of the very few 'hifi' manufacturers that have successfully moved into the 'high street'. The Muso is sold at many retail outfits in the UK and is selling well..