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Speaker Recommendations for a Small Room
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Fred K- consider a pair of B&W 805 or 705 monitor speakers. These can be found used/demo all day long at various price-points.

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One of the best speakers I know of that would seem to fit your situation is the Focal 806V.

It normally retails for $1000, but Music Direct currently is offering them for $599/pair.

Excellent speakers; great deal....

Monitor Audio, PSB and Wharfedale also make some very nice speakers, but I think the Focals sound the best.

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If you can't find Allen's recommended B&W's, I have owned the CM6 (1" tweeter and 6.5" bass)... The CM line is Bowers & Wilkins' mid-range speaker..These are *outstanding* and should be available around $1,000 in excellent shape used and they are recent models. The cm6 s2 are the current version.

As these are book shelf speakers, also plan on getting speaker stands. Stands are absolutely mandatory for any serious listening.

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