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michael green
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Tuning the NAD c516BEE the TuneLand way

Hi Readers

There are a lot of interesting topics going on here and many different points of view are coming to light. Within these topics a common product model keeps coming up, the NAD c516BEE CD player.

What I am thinking about doing is getting one (puting my receiver reviewing on the back burner) and converting it into a variably tunable player. I've already done a NAD 515 CDP so most of my work has been done for me.

I will more than likely do this same thread on TuneLand so I can be more descriptive and have another place incase the usual party of trolls show up to take this into another spinning thread, hopefully not and this can be about having fun.

michael green

Allen Fant
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I look forward to this -MG.

I look forward to this -MG.

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